3 Easy Ways to Fancy Up Some Xmas Lights Because Every Day Should Be a Magical Party

Take $5.99 string lights, add clear blue plastic disposable shot glasses or Dixie Cups or vintage tin Jell-O molds and make like Eddie Murphy's girl in 1985 and party all the time.

Christmas lights are and will always be on display in my home all 12 months of the year. I think they're magical. At present, I have multi-colored string lights framing the windows in my living room AND dining room (if I remember right, Emily had a similar sitch in her apartment; it's a real mark of my people).

I don't always turn them on, but when I do, it's instant heart-bursting happiness. I'm such a goose, I think I've actually said "I plugged the xmas lights in!" after letting guests in the door, like they are going to jump and clap with me until we all fall to the floor in tears over how everything should always be this beautiful and special.

During a recent junk store visit, I uncovered a plastic bag of vintage tin star and heart-shaped Jell-O molds (a pretty common find, for those of you hitting the thrift shops) for $1.90. I automatically knew I wanted to use them on strings lights. I'm so in love with my little cordless drill, even the smallest excuse to bust it out thrills me. I have so many disproportionate reactions to small things in life.

Three is better than one, so I figured I'd give you a few quick and cinchy suggestions for dressing up your own year-round xmas lights.

Option 1: Vintage Tin Jell-O Molds

General Tool Info: I use a 9.6v Black & Decker Cordless Drill. I purchased an additional drill bit set to maximize my drill's capabilities.

What I Did: I chose my drill bit by eyeballing the size of the mini light bulbs, drilled a hole in each tin and pushed them over the bulbs. I spaced them out every other bulb due to the size of the molds.

Option 2: SOLO Plastic 3oz Cups

Do This: Drill the cups in stacks of five or six, just to save time and energy (or drill-charge life). These are a little trickier to assemble (but trust, barely). For whatever reason (Material? Weight?), these work best if you pop out the bulbs and then push them back into place from inside the cups. The cups are small enough to use on every bulb and a whole pack of eighty cups will only run you about $3.

Option 3: Dixie 5oz Bath Cups

Do This: These you could probably just poke a hole through the botttom with a pencil or something similar, but I'm She-Hulk Handywoman so it's drill city. You can drill through a large stack at once, too. Push the cups right over the bulbs. Ninety cups per pack for just under $4.

So satifying to whip these up. Awesome for bedrooms/nurseries, parties, showers, weddings, BBQs, patios, kitchens...clearly I could just keep typing words here, but you understand me.

Do you have year-round xmas lights? What are your thoughts on this?

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