YOUR OUTFITS OF THE WEEK: Emily Shows Us Her Tougher Side

Watch out, guys! The girl that's known for her sweet, girly dresses is venturing into cool, new fashion territory.

So I’ve been weirdly sports-oriented lately, maybe because we are in the thick of March Madness.

Last weekend, a swarm of young men (friends of mine and my roomates) parked their supple little twenty-something butts on my couch and watched about 72 hours of basketball (I guess cable boxes are scarce in Williamsburg.) I love sports bros, so I was happy to have them around, as long as they included me on their Seamless orders and took out the recycling every night.

So, after my testosterone-filled week, I've had athletics-inspired fashion on my mind. Enter this baseball cap, expertly worn by our reader pick for the week.

How dope is Shannon Campe in this chill, sporty look? I love the contrast of an exposed bra strap and a baseball hat. I always wanted a baseball cap, but I never thought it quite fit my style because it just seemed too casual for me. But recently, I was shopping at Patricia Field with my favorite friend, Roxanne, and I was trying on super-short T-shirt dresses. Roxanne is like the best person in the world, so she steered my manic self away from buying them because they barely covered my butt. She suggested I get the leather baseball hat I’ve always wanted instead.

I bought it and now I feel so much better about, like, everything (LIE.) Regardless of my mental state, I love what our stylish reader Shannon said about her hat: “You just need to find the right cap! Or...let it find you!” So from now on, that is what I shall do.

Now here is what WE are wearing today:

Look at Emily looking cool in her camo jacket. Usually Emily is all polka-dots and daisies, but today she is NOT MESSING around. Why the sudden change? “I've been inspired by Baze, Rebecca and Anne-Marie’s edgier style to get a little out of my comfort zone,” she says.

I love a sweet, cute Emily as much as the next fangirl, but I’m liking this Emily, too. Her shirt and jacket are both from Gap and her skirt is from Joe Fresh. The staple Emily McCombs cowboy boots are from Ariat.

I love this look because it is the quintessential casual-cool look and Emily nailed it, even though it's not really her usual style. Actually, I’ve been looking for a great camo jacket for spring for myself. Here are a few things I found:

Ok kids! I'm going to clasp my hands and pray for spring so we can finally start wearing lighter, more interesting jackets instead of boring, bulky parkas. What rags are you sporting this weekend. Let me see!