YOUR Outfits Of The Week: Sweatpants And Coldwater Creek (But In A Cool Way)

Valentine's Day edition of everything!
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February 14, 2014
YOUR Outfits Of The Week, coldwater creek

Happy Valentine's Day! I am a big fan of this holiday, which is funny because I’m just SO goth. In reality though, I’m a big effing gummy bear that just wants to be loved and I really don’t care who knows it. I am sick of people thinking I’m scary. An ex just told me that even more people than I thought are scared of me and that really bummed me out, so I’m on a crusade to be “more accessible.”

To prove my new found accessibility I want to show you want I’m working with today:

A little while ago I wrote about how I hate sweatpants. A few days after that article ran I got an e-mail from a guy saying he had “the perfect sweats” and was all “Yeah, sure dude, whatever you say.” So they sent me and Jane a pair of the sweats. The next day we both pretty much lost our minds. I would never THINK to wear sweatpants to work, but then I put these on and I was like “Well, my ass looks pretty awesome and I feel like my legs are being hugged by tiny cloudmen.”

I emailed Jane to confirm that I wasn’t crazy and not only did she confirm my hunch, she also suggested that we wear them to the office on the same day. In short, these are pretty amazing sweatpants. Pretty. Amazing. Sweatpants. Let that sink in.

They are really low on sizes right now, but I have some insider SCOOP and they said that not only are they getting more sizes early March, but they are also getting new colors! So don’t you worry your pretty little faces. These badboys can be yours in NO TIME.

This week my pick for commenter outfit of the week is Buttercup Rocks because she mentions one of my all time favorite brands.

Being on the other side of the pond means I always miss this thread but, what the hey. This is what I wore to work in my friend's (sub-zero) shop yesterday. My skater dress is from Monsoon; biker boots from Clarks; devoré brocade jeans jacket recently thrifted for six quid, (yep it's a bit Coldwater Creek-ish but I'm old yo); scarf from the shop and hat from T.K.Max. Sadly, you can't see my H&M tights, which are the same colour as the dress patterned with deep red polkadots.

Let it be known: Coldwater Creek does not an old lady make.

I am a huge fan of Coldwater Creek. I’ve written about and worn their clothes on the site before but I really just want to drive it home right now. You know when you are in a small town and there is that store that looks like all the clothes your 8th grade art teacher would wear and you just like walk right by it because she was weird and you don’t want to look like her? Yeah, don't do that.

Those weird stores with a huge stock of felt items is where your new staple item lies. Coldwater Creek is that store but on the internet, which is why I bring it up. You may make jokes about it, but I just want to show you a few awesome things that, when taken out of the Coldwater context, are excellent very wearable pieces.

What do you think? See anything you like? I would love for you to go to Coldwater Creek right now and buy something. Even if you are broke, they have an outlet section you can shop on and things are super discounted.

Get to it kids, I want to see what you are wearing. The comments are below. Duh.