YOUR Outfits Of The Week: Social Media Wizard Tiffany Masters The Art of Pattern Mixing

Another new friend! Say hello to our latest hire.
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March 14, 2014
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I am so happy to be home from SXSW. I’ve missed the fluorescent lights and plastic smell in our Times Square office tower. Don't get me wrong -- I had a fantastic time in Austin. I’m pretty sure seeing Jane hold a chicken and squeal was the highlight of the trip, if not my career. I mean, she kissed the chicken. She KISSED it! Anyway, I’m pretty sure I went to more parties in the three days at SXSW than I have gone to in the last six months, so I’m happy to be home and hermity again.

I'm also happy to be reunited with my desk neighbor, Tiffany. She just joined our team as Social Media Scientist and we sit next to each other. This means she is the person I get to poke with my scissors when I get bored. Her induction into our dysfunctional family means only one thing: she is OUTFIT OF THE WEEK. Please, take a look at her sweet style:

Totally adorable, right? Tiffany has been a great addition to our corporate cult. She is very smart and really knows how to mix prints like a pro. This is what she had to say about her standout look above:

“I'm wearing a Max Studio dress with a silk scarf that I got at Nordstrom with Via Spiga suede booties, a Kenneth Cole bangle, Capezio tights and a belt that I stole from another dress this morning. I'm a huge fan of mixing contrasting patterns together, especially stripes and florals. I'm obsessed with the tights I'm wearing because they aren't just any tights—they are dance tights! I used to take tons of dance classes (ballet, hip hop, jazz, etc.), and we had to wear these tights for most performances. They are the BEST tights I ever bought! I own like five of them, but they last forever because they rarely rip or tear.”

Um, I didn’t know Tiffany could dance. But when I take a closer look at Tiffany’s picture, I can see a little bit of a jazz-hand-pop-hip thing going on. I’m going to have to do some Facebook stalking to see if I can unearth any old recital videos. Stay tuned readers, stay tuned.

Speaking of readers, can we revel in the grooviness that is ssid’s outfit this week? She is serving some very Wild West Super Babe realness right now. I might be particularly drawn to this outfit because I’m just coming back from Texas, the land of leather boots and light denim, but DAMN GIRL, you look awesome.

Good god, do I ever love OOTW! Thank you everyone for sharing your amazing outfits-- they make me so happy!

The weather is warming up, so I had a valid excuse to finally pull out this fringe jacket. I found it in a thrift shop and I'm sporting it with some hand-me-down, worn-out jeans, a polka-dot tee my grandma used to wear as pajamas and my favourite little booties from F21.

Well done, ssid! I definitely think that suede is best bought vintage. It's cheaper and already worn in for you, which usually means that you can get away with wearing it in the rain. Breakin' tha rules! Woop! If you are not feeling vintage, here are a few options:

I'm even inspired to buy a little fringe for myself. If you want to help a sister pick out a jacket, please do so in the comments. I’m torn.

Until next week, let me see you babes. Also, I thought I would ask: Are there any dudes reading this? Can you show us your outfit? Inquiring minds want to know.