YOUR Outfits Of The Week: The Casual Gowns Edition

Yes, you can lounge in a gown. In fact, you SHOULD.
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February 28, 2014
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As you all know, last week I was on the VERGE. Right now though, I feel...happy.

Sick intro, right?

Now that we have some very appropriate music playing, I'd like to introduce you to our outfit of the week, Rebecca. Today I told her that she's not the “bad cop” I thought she was when she started, but the “smart cop that makes sure the neighborhood is safe and orderly.” Beyond her crazy capabilities as a Managing Editor, her style is pretty on point. Here she is wearing a brand new Marimekko dress that we all plotted stealing off her back during her 4pm slump. Then we remembered that Rebecca doesn't have one because she is a MACHINE.

Next to me and Jane’s favorite T-shirt company, Marimekko is like the xoEditor Uniform. We used to work by the Marimekko store and when Emily would go to therapy, she would stop by it on the way back to the office and then we would have a Marimekko fashion show in the office. When Rebecca showed up wearing this beauty we were all pretty much like “YUP.” Here is what Rebecca (and her son) had to say about the outfit:

The dress was a splurge purchase from Marimekko that I bought to wear for a panel I was hosting that night. And it's a good thing too, because evidently, according to my 8-year-old son, who watched the panel from home via live stream, it was the highlight of the event: "I guess you did pretty well. You looked good in what you were wearing anyway." I wore it with black tights and suede wedge boots made by Bandolino that I've had for literally 10 years.

She’s a keeper! I hope she doesn’t run screaming from this place when she finds out what crazies we are. Kidding! She totally knows!

Now for you sweet, sultry, commenters.

I’ve had my eye on you for awhile, Mapsandpeaches. But you look absolutely STUNNING in this. I love me a casual gown and you are just killing it in this. Bravo, girl.

Can we talk about casual gowns for a second? They're the type of thing that's perfect to wear to something like an Oscar viewing/slumber party. Just picture yourself laying around the living room in your comfy casual gown with all of your friends that have the Sunday blues as you try to cheer them up by waving your limp wrists around while discussing whether or not "Gravity" was a boring movie (it was). I’ve told you about how I cook in crazy high heels, right? It's like that. Make boring things fun with fancy clothes. It's fun, try it. Or don’t, I don’t care what you do with your life.

Here are some good casual gowns you can wear to a party (hopefully one that's full of single model/doctors) or on your couch:

Also, I found this and I died.

Sorry no more Outfit Of The Week, I’m dead.

(KIDDING, I want to see all of your outfits below. DO IT NOW.)