YOUR Outfits Of The Week: Anne-Marie Looks Like An Adult And I May Be Starting A (FUN) Gang

Who wants in?

Hey guys, has it been a DOOZY of a week, amirite? Our site has been a little weird these past few days, but FEAR NOT: Outfit Of The Week is HERE. I’m writing this very caffeinated right now, so you better get ready for some crazy. I feel LOCO.


Now let me introduce you to our new fashionable friend Anne-Marie.

When I showed her this picture she said “OH! I look like an adult!” Which, she totally does, but like one you actually want to hang out with. Not like a normal boring adult with no PIZAZZ.

Look at that SKIRT. I am a sucker for leopard print. After I shot this, Anne-Marie and I took a photo of us both wearing leopard print (I have a coat). As we were finishing up, Emily walked by and OF COURSE she was wearing her leopard print coat, too. We wanted her to jump into the pic with us, but remember how the site has been having issues this week? Yeah, Emily didn’t have time for a group selfie.

Anway, I’m a big fan of Anne-Marie's black top and leopard skirt look. It’s classic, cool and I’m just really feeling it right now. Actually, I’M FEELIN’ IT, no G.

Here is what she had to say about her ensemble:

So what you're seeing here is more or less my daily work uniform. The leather shirt is from Equipment, a brand that does that chic French girl thing very well. (Here's another option.) The skirt is by Mural, and it's from Nordstrom. (Sadly, not available online.) If a skirt or dress has pockets, I'm 100% more likely to buy it. Pockets! Always and forever. The Chelsea boots are from Topshop, and I wear them pretty much every day. (Similar option here.) And the gold chain is from a random store in Soho; I have dozens of them. Lastly, because I'm a beauty editor, I have to give a shout-out to my lipstick, Pink Kashmir by Ilia, and ColorWow Root Coverup in Light Brown, which is expertly hiding some really rough roots and is one of the best root coverups out there. OK, thank you and bye.

So everybody has a THING right? Like, mine is that I wear black all the time and people are scared of me (I like to think). Do you want to know what Anne-Marie’s thing is? It’s BLING. Every day she wears some sort of huge chunky metallic baddassery around her neck. Here's a close-up:

On a completely different note, I’ve decided that I want to start a gang. Not like a bad gang -- I don’t want to hurt anybody or sell drugs to kids or anything. I just want to walk down the street with a group of girls while looking really sexy and mean. My first inductee is Bling Babe Anne-Marie and my second recruit is this reader. I chose her for her tough-girl biker jacket.

I love me some fake leather and my roommate, Diya, has already made the pleather-will-rule-for-spring prediction. It is going to be a big thing, just you wait.

Here is what our reader had to say about her look:

Whenever [outfit of the week] comes up, I feel like I'm not wearing anything worth sharing. Buuuut I FOUND MY DREAM "LEATHER" COAT! It's light enough to wear in the spring, yet baggy enough that I can layer hoodies and scarves under it for this freaky winter without it getting bulky and tight.

What should we make her do for her initiation into my gang? I’ll have to think about it and ask Anne-Marie -- who technically hasn’t said she wants to be in the gang at all. In the meantime take a look at these amazing pleather jackets that I hunted down, just for you.

So, do you want in? First task is for you to put your amazing outfits in the comments below so we can all gawk.