YOUR Outfits Of The Week: Baze Shows Us Her Inner Badass In All Black

I'm just getting back to my goth roots, guys.
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March 21, 2014
YOUR Outfits Of The Week, Vince, black dresses, Bite Beauty, baze

Hi kids! It’s Outfit of the Week time and I am STOKED that you are here with me today. I just wish that I didn't have a terrible stomach ache. I've had it all week and I think it's because I stopped being vegan for a day -- I went crazy on some bagels, pizza and candy. I just cracked! I’m sorry stomach, I really am. I know my tummy trouble has nothing do with clothes, but I just wanted to share my pain with you because you share all of your fashions with me every Friday and I give you nothing in return.

Today, along with stomach problems, I give you Baze! Wait, no. First, I want to show you my new favorite lipstick that sweet Baze bestowed upon me like the beauty fairy godmother that she is.

After I read her article about the Bite Beauty Matte Crme Lip Crayon, I stretched my head over my monitor to beg for a lip pencil of my own (Baze sits across from me). She gave me the one I'm wearing below.


Not a shade I’d normally go for, but I’m SO into it. OK, back to outfits. Behold, BAZE!

She looks kinda baddass, no? Badass with a smile! That is what she is, but she isn’t going to beat you into submission with her baddassery. You just know not to go there with her. This is hard for me because I have a nasty habit of waltzing right over "there" without really realizing it until it is too late and everybody is looking at me like I’m crazy. That is why Baze is so wonderful here at xoJane. She is so relaxed it really makes me feel calmer. Just listen to the way she describes her outfit:

"I got this little Vince number at Bloomingdale's and it's quite possibly the best black dress I've ever owned. I like that's classy yet edgy at the same time. I LIVE for dresses that I can wear even if I feel bloated -- I'm more comfortable in looser, drapey shapes than the body-con stuff. There's less to worry about. One of the greatest things about this dress is that it doesn't wrinkle! The fabric stays smooth all day. Hmm, maybe I should get it in navy, too..."

I wish she could read it out loud to you guys. Her voice is the thing bedtime stories are made for. I’d like to see if she wants to come over to my house and read to me for a bit before I fall asleep. SEE?! I just went "there" again. Let me stop before somebody hits me.

So this week, our reader outfit comes from Alli who is an absolute DOLL. I love her light pink and black combo -- there's something that really takes me back about this. Granted, I've blocked out the majority of high school, but I used to love getting dressed up for class. My ususal style was hardcore punk, but sometimes I would take a break from that and wear outfits that were more mall-punk. I liked pairing pink and black together because of the contrast. Black represented evil and pink was girly -- it felt subversive or something. But Alli's inspiration (at least for part of her ensemble) came from right here on this site:

“This look with the skirt is a school outfit from Tuesday. I got the high socks/sheer black tights idea from Alyssa's article. I think you can't go wrong doing this.”

I'm giving double kudos to Alli for her really high quality selfie,which only the most artful of internet babes can achieve. Well done!

I’ve been thinking about purchasing a little skater skirt like Alli’s for myself. I mean, they're cute, fun and there's always the risk of showing a little too much skin (or your entire butt) when you wear them, which is my thing. Here are some of the cutest skirts I found:

I’m dying for spring to get here so I can dress all slutty before I crawl into my A/C cave for summer. What are you guys wearing to encourage spring to arrive? I want to see all of your beautiful looks in the comments. Or else my weekend will be just SO BORING.