Would You Wear This to Work?

I'm dressed extra-casual today and Emily isn't feeling it.
Publish date:
April 23, 2012
office appropriate, casual, sheer shirts, work wear


"Your shirt is completely see-through," said Emily when I took off my jacket this morning.

We've been down this road before, but last time said sheer shirt was decidedly less appropriate.

"And it has a rip right on the stomach!" she noted when I defended the shirt.

It's no surprise that our office is less rigid than most when it comes to workwear -- we run around in costumes sometimes! Still, Emily's comment [For the record, I was just giving her a hard time --Emily] has me questioning whether I've gone too far.

Today I'm wearing beat-up everything, from my torn tank and ripped jeans to my distressed moto boots and ancient leather jacket. My excuse? I don't have any events or out-of-office meetings today, and it's supposed to rain. I've also recently gained five pounds and these are my only pants that don't look painted on (another office "don't").

What do you think? Should I step up my game? Let's talk about looking professional.

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