Work-From-Home Style: How To Swap Your PJs For Something That Makes You Feel Chic

I've made little confidence-boosting adjustments without sacrificing comfort.
Publish date:
November 14, 2014
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I’m one of those WAHMs (even though I effing hate that acronym). I have two kids and two jobs (vintage-selling and freelance writing) that I do from home. Everyone tells me how it’s so great, and I’m so lucky, and some days, I definitely feel that. But some days, it’s really, really hard. And some days I really, really don’t wanna.

Some days, I work in my pajamas. However, those days are becoming more rare because I’ve noticed that I do better work (and avoid the temptation of lying down in my bed for just a couple of minutes, I swear) when I dress like I’m actually going to work. I feel more awake and focused. I sit up straighter. I take myself more seriously.

When I was student-teaching at 20, I was also going through a very difficult time emotionally. My clothing choices started getting a lot sloppier, and my teaching mentor noticed. She was an extremely important person in my life, and she told me that on her worst days, she got really dressed up to come to school; it was a lesson she’d learned from her mother. And so I tried it. And most days, it really did work. I dressed better, so I felt better, more confident.

Here are some easy adjustments you can make to your work-at-home wardrobe, and you don’t even have to sacrifice comfort.


Before: Black fold-down-waist yoga pants (that we all own).

After: Black stretch jeans.

I am digging flares right now, but any cut will do. I find a mid- or high-rise is much more comfortable if you’re doing seated work.

Before: Cami with built-in bra that can only really support an A cup, let’s be honest; or oversized alma mater T-shirt.

After: Ultra-soft scoop-neck or V-neck tee.

My two favorites are Old Navy’s Vintage-Style Tees and Gap tees in pima cotton.

Before: Old lover’s hoodie or hideous chenille robe your mom keeps buying you for Christmas.

After: An oversized waterfall cardigan.

I like a little print on my cardigans. This feels like wearing that cozy robe, only with a little more structure (mine is wool).

Before: Slippers or Uggs or bare feet with chipped polish.

After: Slip-on ankle boots.

Wearing shoes really sets the bar high. Sometimes I even decide to leave the house. It’s like a miracle. My boots here have a heel, but if you get flat ones, it’s practically like wearing sneakers.


Add an accessory. A statement necklace, a pair of earrings, a fancy watch. Even just one piece of jewelry makes me feel like I really made an effort.

Lipstick/gloss. I am obsessed with this Revlon matte lip balm -- it stays on as I drink my coffee, and it doesn’t dry out my lips.

Do I still work in my yoga pants some days? Absolutely. And that’s OK. We all have bad days. But really getting dressed can sometimes make them feel a little bit better. Clothes aren’t just superficial: they have power (that you can harness for good).

What do you wear when you work from home? Are you still in your pajamas?