OUTFIT OF THE WEEK: Work With What You've Got

Your hair can totally be an accessory.
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September 20, 2015
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Over the years, I've come to realize that you've got to do you, and wear what suits you, in order to feel your most stylish. Dressing in a style that feels like a put-on, or wearing clothing that simply isn't comfortable is a recipe for disaster.

Growing up watching things like What Not To Wear and its style-rules reality ilk made me believe that I had to follow so many boring, old-fashioned "laws" in order to look my best, but I know now that if I dress for what makes me feel most like me, I'll come across as my most confident, happy self.

Case in point: my hair. It's not exactly "fashion," but if we're going with the full-on TLC show makeover realm of thinking, it qualifies. For years I thought my big hair was unfashionable, and I forced myself to flatten it into varying degrees of wavy to pin straight, singeing the crap out of it and basically making myself look like someone who wasn't exactly me.

But now, seeing photos of models like Mica Arganaraz working her natural texture, or simply referencing shots of my icon and birthday twin Marc Bolan, I realize it's silly to waste time styling (and frying) myself into something I'm not.

Sleek hair is fun every once in awhile, but my Fall style resolution is to let the mop top run wild, eschewing heat styling tools all the while and nursing this poodle-head back to health.

Letting my hair do its thing is also inspiring my dressing into an even more retro vein than usual. I was feelin' a lil' Debbie-ish last night and so this silky shirt dress with ribbon belt and red bandana combo came out, along with some faux snakeskin ankle boots, my vintage Gucci canteen bag, and some bright red blush (this formula in 'Bang') high on my cheeks. You know how I feel about primary colours.

When do you feel most like yourself? What do you wear to feel totally, 100% you?

While you ponder my Qs, let's have a look at the wonderful outfits you shared last week.

I loved misssincerely's wedding guest get-up -- that black tube dress is so '90s Calvin Klein in the best possible way, and the minimal accessorizing and black sandals seal the deal.

Alice also stole the show in her back to school look, a navy lace number from Topshop.

What did you wear this week? What are you gonna wear this weekend? Show me ALL THE PICTURES. Take outfit photos in public bathrooms for me! Do it!