WITCHY WIDOW WOMAN: Ladylike Goth Wear For Proper Babes

Goth is so back, and I cannot believe I just found the jacket I’ve been DESPERATELY SEEKING since 8th grade. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, OH HUMBLE INTERWEBS!!!!
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April 10, 2013
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I have been feeling a real darkwave/goth/Witchy Woman vibe these days -- all I want to wear is black, black, witchy black like my wretched, evil, dead soul.

I’m actually just loving the way black clothes contrast with my new SUPERBLONDE hair, but for the purposes of this post, let’s pretend that I am a gloomy, maladjusted, industrial-music-loving teenager.

What I really want to wear is every damn thing from the current All Saints collection, but it's crazy expensive and I am a classic ruiner of nice clothes. So I have been trolling the lovely and less painfully priced House of Widow Clothing website for new pieces to add to my current Stevie Nicks meets-mall goth look.

Widow is actually a subsidiary of my old pal Drew Bernstein’s company Lip Service. Lip Service is the original Hollywood rock & roll brand, worn by everyone from Axl of Guns N’ Roses to Alice Cooper. I haven’t talked to the clever, fashionable Drew (AKA "Lippy") in eons, so if he’s reading this he's probably scratching his head wondering exactly who the blonde broad writing this is.

Not only is Drew one of the coolest, kindest, most encouraging people I’ve ever met, Lip Service is “The Original Cult” brand since 1985 -- and I swear you haven't really lived until you’ve attended one of their famous warehouse and sample sales in downtown LA, complete with rocker chicks stripping down to their underwear in the parking lot to try on the blackest of black stretch jeans.

Lip Service's Widow line has some really outstanding good-girl-goes-to-a-witch's-funeral dresses.

Widow also does some truly ingenious jackets to wear with your current "non-witchy" wardrobe and add a bit of easy evil sass to your style. I own and love this bleach tie-dye one, and right now it’s on sale for half of what I paid for it! It's a great weight to wear right now while it's only sort of cold out.

But the Widow jacket that made me gasp out loud to myself all alone in my bedroom at 3am was their homage to the holy grail of all clothing: a perfect, beautiful replica of Madonna’s pyramid eye jacket from Desperately Seeking Susan, one of the finest films ever produced.

When I say I have been looking for this jacket my entire life, it’s hardly an exaggeration. I’ve been pining for it for over 20 years! I worked on a TV pilot with the lovely Rosanna Arquette (she plays Roberta/Susan in the film) about 10 years ago, and I had to keep pinching myself every single day when I got to set to make sure it was really happening to me.

Rosanna is the coolest, by the way. I've got some amazing hand-me-downs from her in my closet. She is an old school rock chick of the highest order, and she has unbelievably good taste.

I’m seriously considering buying some zebra/swirl print fabric to trick out the lapel of my Widow jacket just like the one in the movie. If you think this sounds more than a little insane, wait until I tell you that one of my high school sewing projects was an exact replica of Madonna’s puffy bow hat from the “Borderline” video.

Mercifully, there appear to be no photos in existence of me in this magical creation, which I distinctly remember giving me a blazing headache every time I wore it due to the ridiculously tight elastic I used in it.

Widow makes these crazy garter leggings that I’m not sure I could ever pull off. I can see our little gothinista Gabi in them easy-peasy.

Nasty Gal has knocked off these exact leggings and they are permanently sold out. So why not get the real thing from House of Widow?

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