4 Wardrobe Pieces You Think You Can't Wear In The Summer, But You Totally Can

Rules, schmules!
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May 21, 2014
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My closet is a slave to winter. I barely know how to dress myself without relying on dark colors and layering. Up until this year I gamely went along with every summer’s must-have pastel and neon trends, despite knowing that they don’t really suit me. However, this summer I’ve decided to embrace my wardrobe’s dark side.

My favorite items in my closet are my black skinny jeans, my chambray button down, my black ankle boots, and basically anything that can be called burgundy or oxblood, because those are the coolest names for colors ever. Below, I’ll show you how I transition these into summer.

Would I wear this outfit while running around doing errands in the middle of July? No, probably not. Light chambray shirts are the worst for pit stains. However, I will totally wear this if I’m going to be spending most of the day inside in the air conditioning. The chambray shirt will protect me from too-cold AC and then I can take it off to reveal a tank top when I go outside.

As for the skinny jeans, I don’t own them in any color other than black. It’s a personal preference, and it hasn’t bothered me in the summer yet. I prefer to pair them with open-toed heels and sandals to keep it summery. I could also swap the jeans out for black cigarette pants and easily wear this outfit to work.

I found this skirt on the clearance rack at Zara last December and have been wearing it to work ever since with black tights and sweaters. It is definitely lodged in my brain as a fall/winter skirt. It’s too pretty to put away for four months -- plus, it’ll wrinkle. I realized that the length and dark color actually make it sexier in the summer when paired with high strappy heels (also from Zara) and a clingy tank top. Sexy doesn’t necessarily have to translate to a mini skirt; I like the grownup elegance of this summer outfit.

I bought these ankle boots from ASOS at the beginning of last fall and wore them every week since then. They’re comfortable, they go with everything, and they give me a bit of extra height. I plan to keep wearing them to toughen up all of my summer skirts and dresses. I think this dress in particular looks great with ankle boots, and I even managed to get some more oxblood in there.

This Target purse was another favorite this winter -- it barely left my side -- and I was reluctant to replace it with a more summery bag. A color like burgundy just doesn’t work in the summer, right? Actually, wrong -- and I even wore it on my lips to prove it.

Oh, and one last but very important tip about wearing boots in the summer: you’ve gotta wear socks. Nobody wants stankboot. You can wear the thin, low kind that will feel and look like they’re not there, or you can have fun with colorful or patterned socks peeking out the tops of your boots. Personally, I like to pair leopard print socks with mine.

Do you have any favorite wintery items that you insist on wearing throughout the summer as well? And can we agree that wearing dark colors in the summer is the best?

Photos by Joshua Kirby