Windbreakers Are Cool Again, And I Need One In My Life

Consider 2015 the year of the windbreaker – an item formerly reserved for people like the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and my Aunt Nancy.
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January 21, 2015
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You know what, I’m just going to say it. I want to be cool.

While other people lie and say they don’t give a shit about what’s trending, I’m the complete opposite. I give lots of shits, which is why I’m always blabbing about clothes and makeup to you guys.

Looking cool requires resources, usually of the sartorial variety. Two of my favorite divas understand this concept and are not afraid to drop a few bills to look cute. Example A: Beyoncé does not have blonde Rapunzel hair growing from her scalp – that’s a lace front wig y’all. Example B: Rihanna looked beyond cool in her Puma windbreaker while distracting everyone with her fierceness at a recent Lakers game.

As I wisely stated in my fanny pack article last year, most ugly things become fashionable eventually. Fanny packs, bucket hats, New Balance sneakers, and drop-crotch pants (ew, remember those?) have all paid their dues rotating the cool-ugly-cool-ugly trend cycle.

Consider 2015 the year of the windbreaker – an item formerly reserved for people like the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and my Aunt Nancy. It kind of makes sense that I would see windbreakers in Elle magazine and around the waists of models in the Lacoste S/S '15 show. I just never expected wanting to spend actual cash on one.

Because I’m a style fairy, I searched the depths of the Internet for stylish windbreakers to be worn outside the gym. Some of the options in the image below appear small and fitted, but I would prefer styling them in a completely different way.

To keep the look from coming off as corny or outdated, buy your jacket a size up for a looser fit. You do not want to look like a substitute gym teacher wearing a windbreaker. This tip is also key for my fellow tall girls with floor scraping long arms. If you size up in your windbreaker, opt for tighter clothing underneath to remain proportional.

If you still aren’t convinced that you need a windbreaker in your life, take a look at Sweat the Style’s Adrianne Ho in a hot pink Nike windbreaker, and this model wearing a (tragically) sold out windbreaker for Urban Outfitters. They look so laid-back and gorgeous.

To make your shopping efforts a bit easier, I’ve created a collection of windbreakers on Keep including all of the options above plus a few extras.

In case you haven’t heard of it before, Keep is a website and accompanying app that serve as a universal shopping cart – you can “keep” or “like” any product (I’m talking makeup, shoes, deodorant, picture frames, literally anything) from any website and create one universal shopping cart.

This is so useful if you’re a compulsive online shopper like I am, but hate keeping track of a million usernames, or entering your credit card information a million times. I’m responsible for Emily getting lost in a, her words, “Keep K-Hole."

Also, since Keep asked me to be a Guest Stylist on their site for the week (come on, I had to do a little shameless self-promotion), I scored you guys a discount! Yeah, now you’re listening. The first 25 readers to shop through Keep (who are first time users) will get $25 off their first order. Helloooooo this is basically like getting $25 off any item you want. It doesn’t have to be a windbreaker, even though I obviously would prefer you got a windbreaker so you could tweet me a picture or something.

So, back to business. What do you guys think of windbreakers? Did I miss any other current trends that are stuck in the ugly-cool fashion rabbit hole?

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