What YOU Taught Us About Style This Week: The Joy Of Printed Pants

We're fans of your fancy bottoms!
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May 23, 2014
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There was a two-year period during college where I only wore dresses. This is strange because now I’m a total scrub -- I wore ripped painter pants to work yesterday. I guess dressing down for work comes with being a part of Generation Whatever.

That’s what they are calling us these days, right?


Before I busted onto the Internet as the Olivia you know now, I was this weird monster that wore tights and giant platform sandals or cowboy boots every day. Oh, and a dress. I’d wear dresses. Every. Day.

I didn’t realize this until I broke my two-year streak and wore pants one day on campus. This guy came up to me and said, “Whoa, you’re wearing pants, I didn’t even know you had a waist.”

I got really freaked out because I had no idea that wearing dresses had become my THING. I just wore them because they were so much more fun than pants. I only had one pair of jeans anyway and they made me feel ugly. Dresses were special little fun things and pants were for boys (ew).

Anyway, when I got called out for my thing that I hadn’t deliberately crafted into my thing, I was pretty much all “OH HELL NO.”

So I bought some pants. I bought these:

I wore them once then went straight back to the short tent dresses. Old habits die hard.

Fast-forward to now and all I wear are jeans and boots because I can no longer deal with worrying about whether my butt is peeking out of my dress or not. So I stick to basics: my dark skinnies, my black straight jeans and my ripped boyfriend pants.

Not a print in sight. Of course, that’s why you guys caught my eye this week. Let’s take a look.

First, we have Natter_turtle showing off a pair of harem-type, medieval looking trousers. Printed pants are great because they hide stains so you don’t have to wash them. KIDDING. Wash your pants, people.

Next up is maddestef. She’s wearing lovely flowy pants that you can pair with any basic tee or tank top and boom -- you have a LOOK. If you’re short like I am, you might need an assist from your tailor for this one. Get them hemmed so they just barely touch the ground. Tattered silk is not cure, unless you’re Aladdin.

Anyway, you guys really nailed it. Wanna know who also nailed it? This lady:

Oh you don’t know who this is? You can’t tell from her trademark fancy Vans, epic bling, and natural swagger? It’s the inaugural xoGirl Gang inductee, Anne-Marie! She got these patterned beauties because they “are not cool in the sense that they are kind of hot? As in, made of the least-breatheable fabric you can buy. But I like that they remind me of Jamz. Nostalgia! And perhaps they also look like they could be a very low-rent version of something that Suno might do, if Suno were doing like, a Target capsule collection.” Hi Suno, Anne-Marie has got some ideas for you, k?

Her pants are from Topshop where you can buy a ton of similar styles. Speaking of BUYING THINGS. Here is some stuff for you kittens to spend your rent money on.

Maybe I’ll even invest. Honestly, probably not. Ugh. But, will I ever stop fashion-stalking girls who do wear these crazy-fun patterns? Nope! Let’s see it in the comments, I’d like to ogle, please.