What YOU Taught Us About Style This Week: Time To Get A Summer Staple Skirt (Sorry About The Alliteration, Jane)

There are all kinds of staples in this one so get ready.

I’d like to congratulate you all on an awesome week. There were so many new faces! I was really excited. So excited that I spilled my iced coffee all over my keyboard and now when I use the shift key all of these strange symbols show up. So, I stole Jane’s keyboard because she is at some summit for important people and hopefully I’ll remember to give it back to her before she gets home. Not that she would be mad or anything if I had it, she’d just be a little confused as to why her little scrub decided to pilfer her office supplies.

Anyway, you guys did a great job showing off your stuff. There were some fabulous haircuts, earrings and a tie-clip that read “bullshit.” Y'all really put in the work this time around. Bravo.

Now, let’s talk about staples. When I was little I was sitting on the floor of my parents room watching cartoons after school. I had this pretty awesome mini stationary set for mini people. There were mini pencils, mini pencil sharpener, mini paper clips, and a mini stapler. The mini stapler was the coolest because it clicked when you closed it and that was awesome. So, even though I knew what a stapler did (I was advanced for my age) I stuck my soft kid finger in the stapler and presed down to see what would happen.

Sure enough, I stapled my finger. Apparently, I just stood there, profoundly confused about the hole in my finger.

Just thought I would throw in a little Olivia Hall folklore that nobody actually cares about when I am telling the story at a bar or something, but when I’m typing it with the promise of fashion-to-come everybody seems to listen.

So, staples. In the summer I am sticky, hot, tired and dumb. Which is why each summer I find three pieces of loose fitting cotton clothes and wear them until it starts to get vaguely cold again. See? Staples.

This week, two of our readers showed off a couple of essential skirts that we can all get tons of milage out of this summer: white and flared or black and tight. I'm pretty into both.

Here we have pinksighs. Her perfectly coordinated outfit pretty much screams Queen Betch. She's rocking her pristine white skirt with a heavy dose of pink -- her bag, sweater and necklace are all rose-colored and very girly. The whole thing makes her look so put-together. Pinksighs went with a skater girl skirt, but there are so many wonderful white summer skirts you can choose from. Pick one then roll down a park hill and get it covered in grass stains. Live a little!

ProTip: This summer, start casually dating your dry cleaner.

Next, we have SarahG in a black pencil skirt, which is the exact opposite of the look above. This is definitely more in my comfort zone, what with all of the bodacious thigh and ass action. Plus it's black, the color I live in. To make it work for summer, wear it with bright, colorful sleeveless tops. You could even try your skirt with a printed crop top, if you dare.

Now you've met your two new friends; pick one and wear it all summer. Or pick both and alternate. Or just wear a housedress all summer, that is may be the direction I’ll be going in this summer. But who REALLY knows what I’ll be doing.

Ok, weirdos, let's see it! Put it in the comments and every time you Instagram yourself I wanna see it! Use the hashtag #xoMyStyle so I can look at all of your wonderful outfits all weekend.