What YOU Taught Us About Style This Week: Summer Dresses And The Belts That Love Them

Just, don't try to make something out of nothing.
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June 13, 2014
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I spent a ton of time in detention and I think a huge part of that was because even though everybody did bad stuff, it was easier to spot me.

Sparkly pink knee-socks? Yep! Seven-inch patent leather platform boots? Sure thing! Poplin Hooters shorts? Oh, HELL YES. Put that all together with a DIY Ramones crop-top and I was ready for a day at school.

When I was causing trouble, I pretty much glowed. Although, if I'm being real, I 100% deserved the hours of detention I got. Once, I threw a chair at my science teacher.

Anyway, I used to wear tons of weird stuff. One of the main things I used to do was wear belts with super loose, flowy dresses. Like duvet covers with arm holes. Sorry, I don’t care how creative you are, some things just can’t be belted. You can’t create a waist where there isn't one. You put on a belt to enhance the waist that is already there. Get me?

I know you guys don’t believe in fashion rules or whatever but I think this one is pretty important. Take a page out of Natalie's look:

See what she did here? She totally accentuated her waist by cinching the waist of the dress. You are giving it a little help, that’s all. If it's a tent dress, though, just let it be shapeless.

Also, belts are fun to shop for because they are weird outfit lifters you never knew you wanted/needed. You could live your whole life without a belt, but WHY WOULD YOU NOT WANT TO HAVE MORE THINGS?

I'd also like you to know that this week's shoppables were a collaborative effort with my sweet fashionable intern Claudia. You can check out how cute she is on her awesome Instagram here. Anyway, she picked out the belts and I picked out the dresses and then we matched them together. Let us know what you think in the comments! Or, you can totally just put your FAVORITE outfit of the week in there like always.

Whatever you do, I’ll still love you.