What YOU Taught Us About Style This Week: It's Time To Bust Out The Spring Skirts Whether It's Warm Or Not

Gimme a little bit of color please.
Publish date:
April 25, 2014

I’m going to LA in a few days and I can’t wait to get into some nice warm...shade. I’m not really a beach person (’m more of a woodland creature), but I am freezing right now in NYC. You guys know that normally I love cold weather, but I bought so many summery dresses for my LA adventure and I want to wear them NOW! I wish I could show off my sweet, slightly stumpy legs today so I can get my strut right before I hit the Celebrity Coast.

One thing that I am a little self-conscious about is this nasty scar I have on my right knee. This winter I was walking to a party with my sisterfriend, Carolyn, and I was being fussy because I didn’t want to take a cab even though Carolyn didn’t feel well and wanted to get to the party as soon as possible. So of course, as we were walking, I fell and nearly face-planted on the pavement under the Brooklyn Queens Expressway. Now I have this nasty scar on my knee. Heels and black ice don't mix, my friends.

But am I going to let my weird, busted knee keep me from wearing skirts this summer? Nope. In fact, I'm going to follow your lead and go for fun prints! Who knows, maybe bright patterns will help draw attention away from my scar. Not that I care (that much) if anyone notices.

Here are the fun skirts that jumped out at me from your comments and Instagrams last week:

Let’s start with FleurForsyte and her amazing Marni A-line skirt. I love some me some tweed because obviously it makes you look important. Also a tweed skirt is really good for these in between, transitional weather times when you don’t know if you are going to a water park or to the ice hotel so….

Our next inspiring reader is a frequent flyer in the comments section and has actually been selected for Outfit Of The Week before, but she’s just SO GOOD I had to feature her again. Mapsandpeaches is wearing another stunning spring skirt (that technically used to be a dress, but YOLO) that looks like the field where pink and blue bunnies lay their easter eggs.

Finally coming over the internet through Instagram is herroemmers with her Seurat-esque spring print that can be whatever you see if you are far away and lovely and painterly if you are close up. Bravo sweet girl, you look pretty one hundred percent. Also, thanks for using the hashtag #xoMyStyle so we could find your pretty face!

So, this is the part where I indulge your crazy shopping habits and show you a plethora of nutso printed skirts to buy because it is Friday and may or may not be payday. Or you are just looking to brighten your bottom half with some florals or dots or tweed. it’s going to be a good time.

Now it is YOUR TURN, I want to see everything! Soup to nuts, top to bottom. Let me check it out, especially on Instagram! Go crazy! I’m obsessed with you.