What YOU Taught Us About Style This Week: Midi Skirts Are Best Worn With A Whole Lot Of Attitude

The coordinating crop top is optional.

Hello there, my favorite friends. How was your week? Good? Good. Mine? Mine was pretty awesome actually. Alot of creative juices and some pretty rad stories in the works for you all. I’m dying of excitement, I wish I could tell you what exactly we are working on, but it is SUPER TOP SECRET. Anyway, now is is the time for me to talk about YOU.

I'll start by talking about myself.

I went to a super liberal arts school where midi track music was a THING. All the nerds (whom I loved and often slept with) would all crowd into their dark dorm rooms or practice spaces and hover over soundboards and laptops and drum machines and create pulsing -- but more often droning -- tracks. Eventually, we would all end up rolling around on the floor while the music blared. That was the only midi I was concerned with in college.

Now that I’m out of school and knee deep in fashion, midi music is more of a weekend hobby (did I ever tell you about that time I made an EP of crazy goth girl music?) Anyway, last week's comments section was all about a totally different type of midi. Midi skirts! Behold:

Thanks to Meowzeltov Cocktail, bobobang, and GUEST (That's not her Disqus name, she is a guest to the site. So let's make her feel welcome, K?) for bestowing your lovely selves upon us. Now lets take a look at a few skirt options for all of you to try in the comfort of your homes.



I hate rules, but with midi skirts there is one: ALWAYS FIND YOUR WAIST AND PUT THE SKIRT THERE. For years I thought my waist was a solid three inches below where it actually is. I finally figured out that your waist is wherever you see an indentation when you bend over to the side. Everybody is different though because BODY ACCEPTANCE so you have to figure it out on your own.

So if you have a skirt, but aren't sure what to do with it, I have some advice for what to do with the rest of your body. First, let’s learn from bobobang who so artfully tied up a lovely shirt and paired it with her midi skirt. This idea works for all types of belly-comfort levels. Like to show off your middle? Tie it high! Like to keep that skin to yourself? Tie it low! Whatever you want, make sure that the shirt is tied tightly enough that it creates a waist similar in size to the skirt. Or don’t, what do I know?

If tying is just TOO MUCH WORK, you can just wear a top that's already cropped. Try one that has a little more coverage like Meowzeltov Cocktail or you can just go full-on belly and wear it super high, like GUEST. Here are a few different options to play with.

Alright kids, are you into the midi skirt? Let me know what you love! As usual put your outfits in the comments or on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #xoMyStyle. Put one up every single day. Please do it, or else I’ll cry all weekend. Just kidding, that’s not why I'll be crying all weekend.

JOKES. Love you and my life. xo.