What YOU Taught Us About Style This Week: It's The Little Things That Make An Outfit

Give me some pins and no needles guys, I don't know how to sew.

I am so happy to be back from LA, I could cry. I missed the office, honestly. I missed the buzzing weirdos that make up xoJane and I am absolutely hemorrhaging with joy now that I’m back in my hive-like home. I loved seeing Alison Freer in LA, though. And I loved splashing around in swimming pools. But for the most part, if I never see a palm tree sprouting from cement again in my entire life, I’m good. I just need to stay in New York. Forever.

Ok, that said, I checked out what I missed in the comments from last week's post and you guys were lovely as usual. Total babe central. You were also particularly blingy. I mean, you guys ALWAYS sparkle, but this week was different. There was a certain extra-confident attitude in your bling that I was just INTO. You really brought the FLAIR this week, friends, particularly with a nice array of statement pins. Let’s take a look:

Mrs. Stamper's look was great because she did something really cute that we all probably did in middle school, but totally forgot about when we settled into our adult jobs. Putting a bunch of pins on a jean jacket is an easy way to turn a basic, everyday piece into something that is so YOU. Play around with the placement of each pin and see what crazy cluster you can come up with. You are the curator of your very own Chest Gallery, so go wild.

Next, we have picketfences who is taking a very different approach, with her brooch (heh heh). As she expertly demonstrates here, if you don't feel like making a garden of little statements (or you don't have a lot of pins lying around), just wear one big brooch. It'll make a simple button-down shirt look more interesting with almost zero effort.

I think pins are one of those things most of us don't really think about. HOWEVER, picketfences and Mrs. Stamper have inspired me to hunt for a few on my next fill-the-void shopping trip. In the meantime, I've collected some cute pins for you. Some are fancy and some are just for fun, but all of them will elevate your outfit, instantly. I promise.




Alright kids, are you convinced yet? This pin thing is going to be HUGE. Or maybe just in my life? I don't know. Whatever, it's a thing and you should think about it. Oh, and I want to see your faces, especially if you've never put your photo in the comments section of these posts before. Where are my comments section selfie virgins at? Remember, this is COLABORATIVE you guys, and I want as many hands in the pot as possible. Till next week, peace and apple juice (I just made that up, obviously.)