What YOU Taught Us About Style This Week: I Still Need Help Dressing For Work

Work-wear is hard.
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June 20, 2014
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It took a really long time for me to figure out how to dress for work. For the first few months of interning at xoJane I definitely did not adhere to any type of traditional corporate dress code. See, I worked at restaurant before I worked here and all I had were my cocktail clothes (it was a really fancy restaurant) or my street clothes. There was pretty much no in-between. It was either ripped up stuff or tiny lace dresses.

Luckily for me, I worked for Jane Pratt, and she isn’t really one for dress codes anyway. She’s got a very strict “you do you” policy, which is why I’ll be celebrating THREE YEARS since I started interning here. It's not because I can answer questions about literally anything and have become the xoJane Invoicing Process Oracle.

So, naturally I had to step up my game and get some professional clothes. It wasn’t in my nature to do that. I mean, I had planned out my life to pretty much exist in booty shorts and platforms. So, I had some shopping to do. Honestly, I STILL have some shopping to do.

This is why I totally have major respect for Shelfie. I mean, look at what she has got going on. It is a perfect Annie Hall-ish inspired work look that, combined with a very important fabric, can be totally summer ready. Let’s take a look:

OK. I don’t know the fabrics at work here but I’d like to wax poetic about my favorite one: LINEN. I’m a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan of linen. It is actually perfect for ALL OCASSIONS. I would, one day, fingers crossed, would like my wedding dress to be linen because it would be so cool. So, yes to the white shirt, but let’s decide on linen for the sake of breathability.

A baggy cropped slack is a great look if you are trying to be professional but also a little punk. Do that if you are trying to impress your boss with your straight-laced-but-edgy fashion sense.

The shoe also makes this a little more business, especially with the rounded toe and thick heel. Those are the the type of shoes at thrift stores you totally pass over because they do kind of scream I’M HOMELY AND OUT OF TOUCH, but with the right pair of ACNE slacks they are just the perfect amount of badassery.

This is where you can GET THE LOOK. Or you can just tell me to eff-off and keep wearing your ripped jeans to work. I'm not here to judge, I'm just here to type.

OK kids, that’s all you get today. I’m taking the weekend to sit and tan in the shade, I think you should do the same. If you do go into direct sunlight (NOT RECOMMENDED) please put on your SPF 100. After all, the sun is only getting closer.

Oh, and your outfits, put them in the comments. Like, all weekend. Every day, I want to see a new outfit. Or else I may do something rash.