What YOU Taught Us About Style This Week: I Guess We Have To Talk About This 90s Thing Now

Sartorial time travel!
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May 30, 2014
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I'm not really one for nostalgia, but everybody is doing it and I'm weak minded. So let's just get this all over with.

I am a geniune child of the nineties: I watched tons of TV and played video games and was utterly enchanted by clever marketing strategies of the milk industry. The 90s gave me a life that was colorful and consumable and I ate it all, hand over fist, with my spork.

We all know that the 90s are making a major revival in fashion right now and I noticed that you all are getting in on the action. I have a theory that all of the Salvation Armies in major metropolitan areas ran out of vintage hippie stuff then your mom kicked you out of the house because you graduated college. You can’t steal her clothes anymore, so you had to just start buying up all the 90s clothes and just start to make it work.

Yep, that’s what I'm guessing you guys did this week. You just made it work. 90s style.

Now here's the part where I bring up Nirvana. Not just because I'm listening to them as I write this, but also because it's practially illegal to talk about 90s fashion without mentioning the band that influences so many fashion trends to this day. (Sorry, Kurt. Don't mean to make you roll over in your grave, but this isn't the first time you've been co-opted by corporate america to sell things.) Anyway, have a listen and get in the mood:

Done? Good. Now you're ready to see this week's stars. First, we have this Guest (pinksighs, is that you?) -- she did something very clever.

See?! She put a pair of amazing graphic socks, under her CLEAR jellies. I feel like jellies are very polarizing. You're either the type of person who finds them SO comfortable, or you're the type who gets blisters and pulled muscles from them (and therefore haven't gone anywhere near them since you were ten). HOWEVER, it looks like this gal has got it under control, although I have no idea what's hiding under those Grumpy Cat socks.

Our next chick is definetly the type of Twin Peaks Badgirl Bathroom Babe character that I would have been friends with in the 90s if I had been older than like seven. (UGH DON’T GROAN, OLD PEOPLE. EVERYBODY AGES. EVEN ME.)

Anyway, check out this bathroom selfie from Georgie.

HI, ACIDWASH. I KNEW YOU’D COME BACK SOMEDAY. Not many people actually can truly pull off acid wash jeans, but bravo Georgie, you're winning.

Finally we have our very own Daria look-alike showing off her Pic Stich skills, lobasalvaje. I love me a good muscle tee. They are super-masculine, (duh) but are best worn when you cut the arm holes a little too deep and you get some sideboob action. You guys, we all have to normalize sideboob more, since the world is obviously NOT READY for under butt.


Alright, guys! Please put all of your BEST outfits in the comments. I'd love to see you!