What YOU Taught Us About Style This Week: Cool Alternatives To The Same Old Black Boots We Always Wear

My feet are feeling inspired.

I might be the only person in the Northeast who is unfazed by this whole extended winter thing. I’m part Viking (true story!) and I'm generally in a state of malaise no matter what's happening outside, so winter completely agrees with me. I could care less that I’m not in some park throwing a ball, getting dirty and chain smoking. I like being inside and I get depressed when it is like “soooo beautiful outside” and all I want to do is sit on my couch and watch "X-Files."

Sorry spring, I like winter better.

The reason I harp on this is because I live in a tiny room and I have far too many clothes. Coming up with creative ways to store them is a challenge, but these are the struggles of a fashion obsessed, broke babe. One day, somebody left this PERFECT bookshelf outside my apartment and I was all “God? Did you just bestow upon me a shoe rack?” He did.

The rack is magnificent. I love that I fall asleep with my shoes watching me and I say good morning to them every day when I wake up. A good life, indeed. But my collection, which I love so dearly, lacks something: diversity.

I just really like black boots. Thigh high, ankle, calf, combat, wedge, stiletto, leather, plastic, pleather, wood, suede; I love them all. Basically, I have three pairs of boots to every other type of shoe I own. I'll admit, I have a problem.

But you know what you kittens did for me this week? You inspired me to me break my black-boots-everyday habit! Well...for like, a second, and only in my brain. Baby steps.

So here is what caught my eye:

First we have qballer who tagged her amazing self-illustrated coffee and a doughnut Vans on Instagram, with the hashtag #xomystyle. I used to draw all over my Vans, too, but they were never this adorable. Usually I just wrote “I Hate You” and “ALONE” and stuff like that.

If you want to get in on some of qballer's custom shoe magic, hit her up on IG and she'll make you a pair. In the meantime, don't forget to tag your outfits with #xomystyle! I'll be waiting and watching.

Next, check out ShannWolff's white loafers.

If you have to go to an outdoor wedding or some fancy garden party, but you don’t feel like getting the heels of your strappy sandals stuck in the muddy grass, try a pair of chic loafers, like these. They cover your toes and they're still dressy and cute.

Take a look at the great selection of white loafers below that I picked out just for you nerds.

Finally, the last addition to my anti-black-boot extravaganza comes not from one of you guys (SORRY), but our newest best friend DaMonica! She’s over at xoVain, but I sit next to her now. Anyway on her first day in the office, she rolled up wearing these silver oxfords. SILVER.

Don’t even get me started on this girl, she’s adorable. I can’t wait until she realizes that she is sitting next to the #1 xoJane scrub (that’s me!). She’ll realize this, once it’s too late, and we’ll already be friends by then and she is just going to have to keep sharing her lunches with me.

BTW, I actually own a pair of silver shoes myself. They are these Chelsea Boots from Zara and I adore them. They stand out nicely on my shoe rack filled with all of my black boots.

Here are some silver shoes like DaMonica's that you can wear on the first day of all of your new spring jobs.

So, what do you wear to break out of your uniform? What pieces do you have TOO MANY of? And, as usual, I want to see it ALL. Put it in the comments, chickens.