What YOU Taught Us About Style This Week: Bettie(y) Page/Draper Dresses With A Side Of Algae

Everybody loves a 1950s housewife dress!
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June 27, 2014
What YOU Taught Us About Style This Week, betty draper, 1950s, bettie page

Can I just say that I’ve been eating these tiny Rice Krispie treats that someone sent us all day and I feel really ill? They are delicious in that fabulously glowing synthetic way that only electric blue Rice Krispie treats can be. Serves me right for eating four, but they are so good.

I go vegan pretty much every other day. One day vegan, one day garbage disposal. This means that some days I am a sparkling little bean of health and sometimes I have to drag my face home across the pavement because I’m full of so much sugar and chemicals.

Today, I’ll be crawling home.

Which is why I’m wearing this pillowcase dress masquerading as a decent workplace outfit. Granted, there is embroidery on it, but don’t be fooled, I am bloated from all the chemicals I ate today. I am full of sugar and swollen to the max, so this sack is really all my body can deal with right now.

Want to know what I wish was wearing right now? I wish I was all Betty Drapered out (Season 1) and had a perfectly tailored dress that would be (practically) sewn directly to my torso while the skirt-part is still hiding everything from my ass to my ankles.


Please take a look at Liz and her Betty Draper look. (Side note: These Algae shots are awesome actually and the only reason I can write this right now is because I'm flying HIGH on this little bottle of living plant.)

This dress reminds me of when Emily and I were in Las Vegas for AVN, we spent a ton of time looking for the Bettie Page Clothing store so I could take a photo of her in front of it. I don't really remember if we found it or not, that trip was a blur. But if you want some Bettie Page clothes do take a look at what Dita Von Teese has to say about it because OBVIOUSLY she is the authority on this look. Or you can look at some of these dresses below:

Alright my sweet kittens, let's see what you've got THIS WEEK. Also, what is up with the name Betty?