JULIE FINDS IT FOR YOU: Something To Wear When I Meet The Parents

Plus, you're not flat-chested, you've got runway boobs!
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December 23, 2011
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Hi JulieI love your fashion advice. That said, I have an emergency! Going to Christmas dinner at my new boyfriend's house and I need fashion advice. It's just his immediate family but I am sort of terrified of his mother/paranoid she has Googled my name. Also whenever my man leaves the room his mom likes to corner me and ask if he is on drugs and/or how many nights a week he drinks. I already know his family a bit because we were friends for a long time before we started dating, but this is the first time I've been invited over as The Girlfriend. What can I wear to make me look attractive but not like I tried too hard and not like I am a skanky home-wrecker who writes about sex on the internet? Also I am broke. Also I am really flat chested, so there's that. HELP. Thanks! Z

When I had a boyfriend, I sort of went out of my way to scare his parents with weirdo fashion-girl clothes and 6-inch shoes. Actually, I once paired denim cut-offs with leopard wedges for one of their visits to his apartment. They were cool about it, but they always gave me clothes for Christmas and birthdays. Wait, maybe that was a hint.

Anyway, I don't advise that you dress as I did! Especially not the first time you go to dinner as the significant other. For Christmas with his parents, steer clear of anything overly trendy like maxi-dresses or Neoprene. Ditto nail art and major makeup.

You want to look attractive, but non-threatening; festive but not costume-y. Since you're on a budget, I say go with classic separates you can wear over and over, then add interest with bold (but, not too bold) accessories.

QSW The Catch Button Down Shirt, $47. Forever 21 Floral Lace Skirt, $20. Forever 21 Textured Collar Necklace, $9. Gap Suede Bow Pumps, $50.

You're not flat-chested, you've got runway boobs, like me! And I loooove button-downs. Pair one that's not too stiff or formal with a pencil skirt. I like the lace one above, but you could also do tweed or sequins, if the sequins are completely matte. The pumps remind me of these Isabel Marant ones and the low-heel and pointed toe are totally parent-friendly. For expensive-looking cheap accessories hit up Forever 21, all the xoJane girls do, and pick up something eye-catching, but sophisticated like the necklace up top.

Now tell me about how you dress with your significant other's family? Are they judgmental and shitty? Or do you love them more than your own family. Or are you single, single, single? Either way, I feel like talking. Go!

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