OPEN THREAD: What Do You Wear To Work? Do You "Dress For The Job You Want?"

And please, please do tell if you have to wear a suit. I want to hear all about it.
Publish date:
October 14, 2013
open thread, career advice

For today's open thread, I'd like to get some conversations going about getting dressed for work. I feel like I'm constantly trying to juggle "dressing for the job I want," expressing myself and looking interesting (that may be specific to being on an editorial team at a lifestyle online magazine), and looking presentable enough to enter the workplace (this applies on days when I am feeling under the weather or need to do laundry). I tend to rely heavily on low-heeled pumps in cute patterns and flattering, versatile sheath dresses. Sometimes I'll wear crazier shoes or a weird sweater to stand out.

So let's talk about work clothes. How do you balance expressing yourself at work and reaching your career goals? And here's the kicker, how do you balance all that with the fact that getting dressed every day can seem like a struggle on its own? Bonus points if you post photos in the comments!