What Do You Get When You Cross A Mexican Painter And A Space Princess?

The answer is NOT crazy internet fan-fiction, but I wish it was.
Publish date:
June 9, 2011
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Sylvie Markovina Brass Rose Headband, $360 Pixie Market

I know we've already discussed the perils and sacrifices of wearing headbands, but when you come upon an object that so perfectly encapsulates what would happen if Frida Kahlo and Princess Leia had a baby, it kinda doesn't really matter. And yes, spending half your monthly rent on a hair accessory might be totally bonkers, but aren't you happy that you live in a time where you can put all sorts of crap on your head *cough*Gaga*cough* and everyone will take you for a genius because of it? (Spoiler alert: the answer should be YES!)