What Do I Wear To: Work From Home?

I am probably the worst person to answer this question.

Hi Laia,

I'm working from home today, which means that I am wearing my typical "no one is ever going to see what I have on" loungewear. (I literally hate to wear my outside clothing inside my apartment so much that I'm usually in some sort of pyjama outfit (I was a copywriter at Victoria's Secret once upon a time and cannot break that spelling habit) within five minutes of getting home.

ANYWAY, I just looked in the mirror and realized that I am wearing baby blue velour sweatpants circa 2000 and a cotton cardigan hand-me-down from my mother circa 1998. And now I'm depressed.

Any advice for cute loungewear that's not juvenile, frumpy or expensive? (I can't justify spending lots of cash on something only my boyfriend and I will ever see unless it's lingerie. Call me frugal, if you will.)

Any NO, I am not including a before-picture. Seriously. It's bad.

xx (I hate hugging),daisy

Hey Daisy! I totally understand where you are coming from. It's so easy to just like do whatever and not care what you look like when you are indoors all day. I don't think this is a bad thing though, or at least I won't admit that it is because I am not any better than you.

In fact I am worse.

I simply don't wear clothes at home anymore. At first it was because it was too hot but now it's become a habit. In the winter I wear long sweater pants and T-shirts but that's only because our heater is kinda not really there so you know, it gets chilly inside. I am totally ok with not wearing clothes at home, though. A part of me feels like I think about clothes so much all day that I deserve to take a full break from it when I'm at home (which is bullshit of course, because I'm generally working at home as well).

But the bottom line is that I don't know how I feel about recommending "lounge clothes." There's some really cute stuff out there, that's for sure, but like you I don't know about buying anything to wear around the house. Instead I found some pieces that can maybe do some double duty, either by working as "outside" pants too or being kiiiiinda sexy (since your boyfriend does get to see you and whatnot).

Heathered Slouch Sweatpants $49.50 & Heathered Longjanes $68, Madewell

Luckily, "fashion sweatpants" are pretty much everywhere right now. I know the concept sounds ridiculous -- and IS ridiculous -- but it's also kinda the best thing ever. It's all about making pants with the sweatpant fabric so you get something that has an actual fit and design with the added comfort of sweatpants. I used to think this was unnecessary, until I bought a pair of thin jersey T by Alexander Wang "pants" last year and suddenly found myself living in them all through the summer. I loved pairing them with button-down shirts and jackets so they looked more "outside" than "couch."

The best part about both these designs is that they feature pockets! But it's the back pockets that give it that real practical look. Wear them around the house and then just throw on a nice shirt and some cute flats to make your way out the door.

Pintuck Cami $49.95 & Satin Tap Shorts $39.95, Gap

Or you can go the other way and just buy kinda nice pajamas. Matching sets are really cute and will make you feel like you put in slightly more effort, because at least you match. Although I would probably only buy the shorts to wear with the myriad of band T-shirts that constitute my indoor/relax-day clothes. Plus satin feels nice to the skin, your boyfriend might like it! Or not, you know, no big deal. But it's a possibility worth exploring if you are into that sorta thing. KnowwhatI'msayin?

Alright, I hope this helps. It actually helped me, too. I think I want those silk shorts!

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