What Do I Wear To: See Dolly Live!

It SHOULDN'T take a lot of money to show your devotion for the ladiest of the ladies.
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July 27, 2011
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Dear Laia,

Okay, I'm really excited about this concert. I'm a little stuck because I loooove Dolly Parton and I also looooove dressing up for things. However, a pink rhinestone square-dance dress with cowboy boots feels a little bit like wearing the t-shirt of the band you are going to see (a total fashion no-no I've heard).

My personal style--while influenced by Dolly to be sure-- is also fairly influenced by Charlie Chaplin, old foreign ladies, young children, and, um, actual fashion. I like to describe it as hipster-adjacent-thriftstore-fabulous. The only thing I won't wear is high heels.

So, what do I wear that says "While I adore Dolly Parton sincerely, my embrace of the country lifestyle is not without irony"? Also, this concert is in Los Angeles, not Tennessee.

Thank you ever so much,


Thank you for writing in A, and how fun that you're going to see Dolly! I am not generally in the camp that dresses up for special events–mostly because I'm too lazy–although I did dress up as Posh Spice to see the Spice Girls a couple years ago. I mean I was wearing my regular clothes that I wore all the time so I don't know if that counts, but anyways, the point is that it can be really fun and that you don't need to look like Dolly Part 2-Electric Bogaloo to be in the spirit of "dressing up for the occasion."

If you're not down for a whole costume change, why not incorporate some of the details that make Dolly so Dolly? You mentioned sequins, so I'm going to run with it.

Disclaimer: Thrifting for a funky sequined top would probably be the best/coolest alternative for you. However, since there are no online thrift stores (other than eBay!), I will illustrate my point with items you can buy at the store.

bebe 2b Front Mesh Sequin Tank Top $24.95, Bebe & Sequin and Lace Striped Tank $39.90, Express

So yeah! Sequin tops are fun, easy-to-find and honestly? You'll probably wear it again on another night you are in a funny party mood. You could pair them with your favorite jeans or if you want to be more authentic, a skirt, although it doesn't have to be a crazy tight or crazy A-line skirt. Remember we are going for THE ESSENCE and not an actual replica!

Sequin Shorts $59.90, Express

Sequin shorts would also be a really fun option and given the fact that they have been sort of trendy lately, they are easy to find and you won't really look like you're wearing a costume. I would pair these with your favorite shirt, and if you want to add another subtle nod to Dolly, maybe pairing them with a sort of classic cowboy button-down shirt could be a cool idea? I'm all about wearing opposites, so if you're wearing sequin shorts, pairing them with an item at the opposite end of the spectrum will surely be a winner.

Fun, right? So think Sequins! Or maybe Fringe! And have a blast with Dolly!

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