What Do I Wear To: Take My Family To The Amusement Park

The formula is easy, the magic is in the execution.
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July 26, 2011
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Laia help!

I haven’t been to an amusement park in about a million years and now suddenly I’m thrown for a loop as to what to actually wear. We’re going this coming weekend so time is of the essence! I want to be comfy and still look cute. I’ll be walking around all day with my husband as well as running after our kids. There are water rides, so something that works with a swimsuit top underneath would be ideal. Other than that, I’m stumped. Please help me avoid the utility shorts/fannie pack/general tourist look that abounds at such outings.


Thank you for writing in, Nicole! There are some people that think life is a runway and they are merely werrking their way through it. I am not one of those people. There are places to get dressed up for and there are places where the clothes are secondary thought. Amusement parks are one of those places.

So what should you wear to go on awesome amusement park adventures? A t-shirt, shorts and sneakers. I am not going to surprise you in content, but maybe in execution I'll learn a few points.

BIRD Band of Feather Wings Crop Tee $32; Sparkle & Fade High/Low Tank Top $44, Urban Outfitters

I would usually stick to whatever old band tee I have lying around that I know won't be affected by the chlorine of the water sports, the sweat, the suntan lotion and the chili dog that I will inevitably drop on myself. But if you're trying to up the cute factor, then a tee with a cool design or a simple button-down tank will do the trick of making you look put-together while still ready for action.

Railroad-Stripe Denim Shorts $16.97 & Plaid Madras Shorts $22.94, Old Navy

No cargo pant shorts here! I love a railroad stripe so.so. much and was super stoked to find these for super cheap at Old Navy. I mean, if you're gonna buy new clothes to wear to the amusement park, they better not be fancy! If you're looking to get away from denim and into a casual-dress-up mode, then a madras short can do the trick. It's a summer staple, the cotton will be breathable and you might even be able to get them wet because they will dry in a pinch (unlike denim!). If you're looking for pants that can do double duty on land and in the water, then board shorts could be a really cute option.

UO Back Lace-Up One-Piece Swimsuit $29.99, Urban Outfitters

Of course you'll need a swimsuit! If you are like me then you wait until after the 4th of July to stock up on my swim needs because stores think that no one goes swimming after that and everything is on a deep, deep sale. I think a one-piece would definitely be best for such an occasion; everything will stay put and you'll be able to focus attention on your kids and HAVING FUN!

All Star ChuckIt Mesh $40, Converse

Yes, you know what's coming now. I'm not going to rant about flip-flops again, but please keep away from them. #1 because the chance that you will lose one or both when the rollercoaster goes upside down is pretty high, #2 because if you gotta chase your kids around, you need something that will be sturdy and not a health hazard and #3 because ewww flip-flops and #4 worst-case scenario: someone throws up and you get it on your toes. EW. I think the classic Converse style is perfect for outdoor fun, but these little mesh slip-ons might be even more perfect. The website says they're not waterproof, but I think they will do perfect double duty on dry land or pool parties.

I hope you have a blast with your family this weekend!

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