Weird Thing I'm Wearing Today: Peds

Am I the only person who has ever worn these voluntarily?
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July 6, 2011
peds, weird thing i'm wearing today

Today is one of those hot and humid days where thunderstorms hover and you figure there's no point to wearing any kind of footwear but rainboots. But editing Laia for the last few weeks has made me extremely paranoid about filthy summer feet, which is why I don't want them touching the interior of my semi-filthy rainboots.

Enter the humble ped.

These peds had been hanging out at the back of my sock drawer -- swiped from God knows which shoe store. At least I hope they were, because I hate to think I paid money for these.

But in this case they were perfect. They protected my feet, but didn't reveal their presence the way socks would have in my ankle-high rainboots. P.S. I can't believe I'm showing this for the world to see.

As the Indian Print shirt and Guatemalan belt may have hinted, I went to private school in Connecticut. I spent middle school following a super-strict dress code that required girls to wear stockings or socks, and if those failed, peds. I'm not sure what connection exists between an excellent education and not going barefoot in your shoes, but that's how they rolled.

So this is probably the first time since the age of 13 that I have worn peds, and it's certainly the first time I've worn them voluntarily. And you know what? I like it. My feet felt protected and cool. (Not cool cool--God, no--just not hot.) I probably freaked Jane and Emily out when I kicked off my boots and walked around in them. But maybe I'm onto something. Would you ever in a million years wear peds voluntarily or is this a major fashion faux-pas?