This week's style hero: Zara Phillips

Zara Phillips appealed to our Jilly Cooper-loving sensibilities when she competed in the dressage phase of the Eventing competition on her horse, High Kingdom in a supercool riding ensemble.

While the Stella McCartney-designed Team GB uniforms have drawn a mixed response, which many criticising them for being ‘too blue’, you can’t go wrong with equestrian chic.

Zara Philips riding High Kingdom

I love a good uniform, with all its pomp, ritual and the pedantic, fussy little details that must be just so for reason of tradition, practicality or both. Even after reading Riders, I still have no idea why they have to wear the top hat, tailcoat and ‘stock’ (that beautifully crisp white cravat) but I love watching the athletes control their powerful, beautiful horses in their immaculate costumes (and even when they get muddy, they look at least as good, if not better.)

Male and female competitors wear the same uniforms and Zara in particular looks the height of restrained, androgynous elegance with her smart red collar and gold buttons. Now all she needs is a nice shiny medal to finish off the look - any colour will do, but we’ve got our heart set on gold. Go Zara!

Picture Credit: Rex Features