This week's style hero: Marion Cotillard

Marion Cotillard looked absolutely fabulous at the London premiere of The Dark Knight Rises last week and proved that it’s possible to put together an outfit that looks sexy, demure, chic and fashion-forward all at the same time. Crikey.

This is in no small part down to the fact that Ms Cotillard is wearing an outfit hot off the catwalk of Raf Simons’ debut couture collection at Christian Dior. Lucky lady. But aside from the fact she’s wearing thousands of pounds worth of painstakingly handcrafted clothing, it’s the way she wears it that makes it a stunning look.

Marion looking smokin' hot at the Dark Knight premiere in London

The low-cut bodice in a sunny peach shade is balanced by the below-the-knee length of the skirt, which has been blessed with pockets for her to shove her hands in nonchalantly. And the vintage silhouette is given a fresh, modern edge by the addition of zingy orange-red pointy pumps and a matching patent clutch. And that pop of red lipstick! And the slightly tousled, asymmetric hairdo! It all makes me clap my hands together with glee.

She looks confident and comfortable and like she knows she doesn't have to show loads of skin to grab the photographers’ attention. Basically she looks really cool and I love her outfit and will most probably attempt my own version of it for a summer wedding – especially as I have an ASOS version of those red pumps under my desk – result!

Battered but beloved red suede ASOS pumps

Picture Credit: Rex Features