This week's style hero: Felicity Kendal

Now I promise that Felicity Kendal hasn’t been chosen as this week’s style hero simply because The Good Life and Rosemary and Thyme are two of my favourite TV shows. Photographed at Sir David Frost's annual summer garden party, she gave an inspired demonstration in dressing for a soggy al fresco event.

Since her Good Life days, when she became a national pin-up by gambolling about in a sexy, tomboyish wardrobe of denim dungarees, oversized men’s shirts and fisherman’s sweaters, Felicity has proved she has a fine understanding of the art of androgynous dressing. It’s all about proportion, cut and adding a few feminine touches (oh and how utterly fabulous does Penelope Keith aka Margo Leadbetter look in this clip too?)

Her monochrome garden party ensemble was a chic, comfortable and quirky take on eveningwear that ensured she stood out in a sea of drippy dresses. Note the bowtie worn nonchalantly round her neck and the beautifully tailored tux jacket, which has structured shoulders but softly rounded edges to stop it from looking too masculine. Skinny black trousers are a smart choice as a wide-legged pair would swamp her petite frame and leather peep-toe shoe boots add a racy edge. And being a true Brit, she’s armed with a proper brolly as well as a dainty, embellished evening bag.

Felicity looks elegant and confident because she’s wearing her outfit, rather than it wearing her - a lesson for all of us when choosing what to wear for a smart event. Choose something you love, that you know suits you and wear it with a smile.

Picture Credit: Rex Features