This week's OLYMPIC heroes: the women of Team GB

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August 7, 2012
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Much as I love celebrating the sartorial efforts of stylish women in our This Week’s Style Hero column, right now it feels slightly incongruous to be dissecting skirt lengths and accessories because all we really care about is THE OLYMPICS and more specifically the WOMEN of TEAM GB!

The inspiring Katherine Grainger and Anna Watkins

Normal service will (probably) be resumed next week, but today I’ll leave it to the Women’s Double Scull gold medal winners, Anna Watkins and Katherin Grainger to show us what’s hot/chic/on-trend right now:

Gold medals (or any other colour, but mainly gold) Massive smiles Tears of joy Amazing arms from putting in hours of graft on the water Red, white and blue Achieving something breathtaking with your best mate

If these glorious games have shown us anything, it’s that health and happiness are the path to real beauty and the successes of our female athletes will hopefully show a generation of girls how powerful they can be.

(But clothes are still cool, obviously.)

Picture Credit: Rex Features