JULIE FINDS IT FOR YOU: Lazy Style Without The Sweatpants

And the time I hit rock bottom.
Publish date:
December 5, 2011
grad school, uniforms, sweats, personal low

Julie, I recently quit my job in New York City, moved coasts and am now attending grad school. While I've always considered myself fashionable, I noticed other girls in my classes are pretty much wearing sweatpants to class, and I have started doing the same. Is this acceptable or am I just being lazy?

Oh, dear. I had a similar problem myself when I worked as a copywriter in an all female office. The first month was all dresses and heels, until I realized I'd be spending the day hidden behind a cubicle. That's when my standards began to drop.

Isolation coupled with arctic office temperatures meant my personal low included a nubby gray cardigan of blanket proportions and a some medium wash flares paired with low-top Chucks. So you see? Seemingly innocent sweatpants are actually a gateway drug!

And, they also end relationships.

You want clothes that work just as well in the classroom is they would back in New York City. Ditching the sweats doesn't have to mean dressing like a trend slave, or spending an hour in front of your closet each morning. It's the west coast, I get it. You just need some chic, versatile basics that you can mix and match to create a sort of uniform.

Here's how it works:

Phase Eight Joshlyn Tweed Jacket, $122. Moto Baxter Jeans, $80. Shashi Bracelets, $17-$61. Steven Mandee Loafers, $119.

Moto Baxter Jeans, $80. T by Alexander Wang Sweater, $141. Sonia Rykiel Scarf, $150. Dolce Vita Jax Boots, $186.

You can throw these items together with little thought or effort, and they're neutral, so when you wear them on repeat no one will notice. Simple!

For the record, I have a history with sweatpants, Juicy Couture ones to be specific. My friends and I wore them in high school because they're easy to take off.

Now tell me about something terrible that you wear in public. Let's talk about it!

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