Do This Don't: Wear Socks With Sandals

With a few tweaks this faux-pas can become...whatever the opposite of a faux-pas is.
Publish date:
June 2, 2011
sandals, do this don't, socks, faux pas

Talk about bad fashion ideas and inevitably socks with sandals will come up. They conjure emails of dudes in college with hemp necklaces wearing white sports socks with Birkenstocks or, even worse, Adidas shower sandals while playing hacky-sack in the lawn.


BUT if you can get past that mental image, the world of socks and sandals is actually quite exciting. There's tons of super-cool, boldly printed socks and tights being produced these days, and if you embrace them, your wardrobe will instantly become more cheerful. Who doesn't like that?

Pick a theme:I bought these flowered Look From London socks on a whim at the American Folk Art Museum, of all places, and have found them indispensable in my wardrobe. I wear them with boots, saddle shoes and man-style oxfords, but my favorite thing to wear them with are these flower-heeled sandals.

Or not:Socks are also a great way to make your "fancier" shoes more casual. These heels are really comfortable but they are so prim and proper that they don't get much of an outing. Paired with plaid socks from Hue though, they lose their princess-ballerina aspect and are ready for a day out on the streets.So remember:1. Stay away from white socks and sporty sandals. Ask yourself, "Would my feet join a jam band?" If the answer is yes, start over and try again.

2. Matching is a cool way to go.Flowers with flowers! Polka dot explosions! Perfectly ROY G BIV combinations! If you can dream it, you can make it into a sock-and-shoe combo.3. But mismatching is awesome too.Pink socks with brown shoes, business plaids with ballerina pinks, sometimes the more ridiculous something sounds the better it looks, so just play around and see what happens!BONUS:Wearing socks with your sandals ensures that your feet won't get all grody from riding the train and walking down filthy streets or blisters from that part that rubs. PROTECT YOUR TOES!