OUTFIT OF THE WEEK: Primarily Primary

Secret's out: I like the colour red.
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May 31, 2015
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When the weather warms up, I tend to shift from my wintry goth palette to something a little fresher. Hot days call for minimal layers of cotton in shades of red, white and blue. No, this week's chosen outfit wasn't a Memorial Day act of patriotism (hey, I'm Canadian). It's just that I'm always drawn to those nautical shades this time of year, particularly bold, bright red.

I've always favoured red for a hit of colour. A vintage red purse, a shiny pair of red shoes, my bright red wallet or a wash of red lipstick are go-to ways for me to brighten up an otherwise simple ensemble. Red jackets and jeans (or shorts!) have also made their way into my wardrobe from time to time. And why not? Red is the colour of passion and confidence. It contrasts with my green eyes and fair skin. It makes a statement without being too brash.

Do you have a colour you wear when you want to switch up your look?

To get the ball rolling on this discussion, here's a shot from last week in which ThatSwedishGal is wearing my choice hue, and looks totally incredible whilst doing so! Hello, Jessica Rabbit! Get a similar look with this maxi from Zara. It's only $19.90!

SophiaGold also went for it with colour in her vintage floral mini. I love that both these looks let the garment speak for itself and keep everything else minimal. Way to make a statement, guys!

  • Have these looks inspired you?
  • What have you been wearing this week?

Show me in the comments, and I hope you're having an awesome weekend!