OUTFIT OF THE WEEK: The Kids' Section

It's not my fault children are so stylish these days.
Publish date:
January 30, 2015
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Examining the components of my favorite outfit this week, I noticed a bit of a theme: Everything was a tad shrunken. From the XS moto jacket (I like cropped sleeves and a snugger fit to hug my tiny shoulders) to the vintage Gap Kids suede skirt, I was wearing pieces that weren't exactly intended for my age demographic, yet they suited me perfectly.

This isn't anything new. I've bought XXL blouses from Gap Kids before and found the perfect snug fitting blazer in the boys section of my local thrift shop. Having slightly wonky proportions means I have to check every department in order to feel well-dressed, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Are there any wardrobe favorites in your closet that perhaps come from the kiddos' section? There's no judgment here. If it fits (not just your body, but your taste), wear it!

Now for the delight that is examining your outfits from last week, my stylish pals.

First up was kemacr5, who caused 213 of you to go gaga with the upvotes thanks to her 100 percent perfect winter coat. That camel hue, the wide lapels, the gold buttons and the sash belt . . . I get it, I love it, too, and want one shipped to my house immediately.

My mind is also completely blown by sybilvain, who managed to find the most fabulous pair of high-waisted jeans at good ol' H&M. I swear, I look every time I'm there to no avail! So jealous of your jeans which fit like a glove.

Thank you, yet again, for sharing your carefully culled outfits and fun shopping finds with me every week, folks. It feels like time has flown by but here I am again, opening up the comments to you to share your weekly looks.

Have an awesome weekend, OOTW-ers!