Wearing Cute Pajamas Totally Enriches My Life

I don't have any evidence to back it up but I think it gives me better sleep.
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November 18, 2013
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As I write this, I’m wearing a very fetching pair of old, faded Victoria’s Secret PINK yoga pants and a shapeless grey sweatshirt I stole from my brother. This is what I will sleep in, but only because we haven’t turned our heat on yet and I can’t sleep without the fan on my air conditioner running. It’s Minnesota in November; it’s cold.

Lately, I’ve been trying really hard to wear pretty pajamas as often as possible. That doesn’t mean I’m wearing a peignoir or some crazy satin "Golden Girls" robe set – though I wouldn’t say no to that, no way. I love to pretend I’m Blanche Deveraux.

I’ve just been paying more attention to what I’m wearing when I go to sleep. I think it gives me better sleep. I don’t have any evidence to back that up, but I’m a high-maintenance sleeper and I generally log a more restful night when I’m dozing away in something pretty.

Is that weird? I’m not even sleeping with anyone, so it doesn’t matter who sees me in the morning. I see me! Isn’t that important enough? It’s not all about image, because when I’m lounging about in my slip and sheer kimono, I’m probably also wearing a scrunchie and my glasses from 2005. If someone came over to visit unexpectedly one lazy day, I wouldn’t feel like such a scrub if at least part of me looked presentable. Blame it on a childhood of classic movies if you must.

Here’s my secret: I get most of my pretty little things at the thrift store. Since high school, I’ve been buying old slips (mostly polyester, wamp wamp) and dyeing them a rainbow of colors with RIT dye. My favorite one came from a convent garage sale; it still has the late Sister’s nametag in it. It was pristine white when I acquired it for fifty cents, but it’s royal purple now! God liked purple, right?

Every chick looks so pretty and glamorous and Elizabeth Taylor-esque in a good slip. They’re great for getting ready to go out in. They feel right at home as you’re painting your face.

Plus black slips double as dresses too! I throw a sweater or flannel over mine and get all grunge-girl since I didn’t get to do that in the early ‘90s. I was in elementary school when that was a trend, which means I’m totally able to do it now. (But if you dressed like Blossom in the ‘90s, you have no business doing it now, ladies.)

I don’t like to sleep in pants. Those godawful fleece pajamas pants I see people wearing to the mall make me shudder, and I worked at the Mall of America for a year so you know I was shaking in my boots all the time. Keep your pajamas at home. That said, I do love a good old-fashioned pajama set, especially around the holidays.

Old Navy, Marshall’s and TJ Maxx are great resources for cute pajamas on the cheap. I’ve found little shorts sets from Kensie for under $20, including this cute as shit palm tree set I got a few months ago. I always feel part ‘40s movie star, part vintage teenybopper in it.

Wanna upgrade your sleepwear? I went shopping for you!

I LOVE sleepshirts. I like to have my arms covered but my legs bare, so these cover my bases perfectly. This one from Target is on sale for $15. I think sleepshirts are sexy as hell. They look like you swiped them from a dude and show just enough skin.

Doesn’t this look like something Jean Harlow would’ve liked? It’s satin, so it’s slinky and feels luxe. If shopping for a thrift store slip skeeves you out a little -- it’s totally OK to feel that way -- this is a good piece to start with. If you want, wear it with big chunky men’s hunting socks, I find that kind of sexy.

Okay, even though they're pants, these are adorable. They’re baby pink with realistic sheep on them and a cute slim fit. I’d wear them with a grey thermal from Old Navy (Rhe best ones are on the men’s side, a tip I learned from an ex-boyfriend who valued Old Navy above all stores.)

Doesn't this set look positively Wes Anderson-esque? They’re so classic AND you can even monogram them for an extra $10. Of course, their price tag means these are just a dream for me, or a very special Santa wish. (The cashmere version sells for $1,200! Hey Santa!)

What about your feet? Do they get cold and clammy in the winter? I just splurged on a pair of Emu Australia slippers, which I’ve wanted for years after falling in love with the cozy warmth of my Ugg boots. (I also wanted to test out Amazon Prime.)

I hate driving with proper shoes on, so I wear these when I’m going on a lengthy trip and then I get the best of both worlds: cozy toes AND bare feet! They have an actual sturdy sole, so you could wear them outside, and the piles of sheepskin are so dense it feels like your feet are burrowing in clouds. For serious. (I’m a 7 ½-8 and I ordered the 7.)

OK, so do you think I’m full of crap? What do you sleep in? Are you a boxers and a T-shirt kind of girl, or do you get fancy sometimes? Where do you find your favorite PJs?