How To Wear Pink Every Day Without Overdoing It

It's not just a color for girly-girls anymore.

I’ve always been a pink person. (Well, except for those two preteen years where I insisted on wearing only black and blue, but that doesn’t really count does it?) In high school, you could spot me in baby pink tracksuits or pink corduroy mini skirts, and in college I graduated to pink backpacks and cutesy dresses. Most recently, I’ve dabbled in cotton candy hair on and off for over two years, and today my wardrobe is still filled with various shades of blush, peach and rose.

But pink is fast becoming a wardrobe staple for everyone, as the pastel trend that started in Fall 2013 is showing no sign of slowing down. Rosy colors popped up this season at Elie Saab, Miu Miu, Burberry Porsum, Yves St. Laurent, Chanel and Marc by Marc Jacobs. Pink was truly everywhere. Though plenty of powdery shades of peach and blush were definitely present, there were also Barbie pink tweeds at Chanel and dusty rose tops at YSL, so I say anything goes.

The only problem with pink as far as I can tell, is the danger of overdoing it. Though I’m a huge fan of the all over pink ensemble, even I can admit there are times when it might look a bit too unprofessional and girlish. Pink can be hard to wear, especially if you’re typically not a pink person, but don’t worry, I’m here to help! Check out my current favorite ways to wear pink:

1. Add cheap and cheerful accessories.

The easiest way to work pink into your wardrobe is to add little accents. I bought a simple pink ribbon from Mokuba, and I either use it as a necktie, a hair tie or a ribbon on my favorite brimmed hat. My clutch is by Falconwright, a Toronto-based brand that makes hand-printed pouches in all sorts of adorable colors and patterns. These pretty bags are a great way to add color to your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

2. Wear classic tees and tanks.

Washed out shades of pink work with just about anything, but I especially love them mixed with denim. For an easy spring ensemble, swap your usual white, black or grey t-shirt with a pink one. I got this textured pink top from H&M last summer and I wear it non-stop. (Though not as much when my hair is pink too!)

3. Try pink pants.

There are all sorts of simple and classy ways to wear pink pants. For a more neutral look, you can opt for a pale shade like I'm wearing here, or make a statement in a brighter pink. Get a lot of wear out of your pink pants by dressing them down with t-shirts and sandals or dressing them up with a clean white blouse, blazer or drapey sweater and heels. Pull it all together with pink lips and nails (they look great with any outfit).

4. Show off a cute collar.

I love collared shirts so very much. They’re the best for layering and they also look lovely on their own. The oversized collar in this photo is part of a sheer pink top with kitten boob pockets by It’s Okay My Dear and the exaggerated shape looks great peeking out of a sweater. Another easy outfit idea: Layer a patterned cardigan over your pink collared shirt.

5. Go full-on princess!

Sometimes, you want to dress like a professional adult with a hint of pink and sometimes you just have to go full princess! This little pink dress was my birthday dress last year and it makes me feel like a tiny, glittery ballerina. Not the most practical option, but I figured it deserved a mention.

6. Throw on a coat. I am dying for a pink coat this spring. If you can get your hands on a good one (like this Zara beauty), wear it in place of a trench this season with skinny jeans and loafers!

My Pink Wishlist:

How do you wear your pink?