Wayne Coyne Is Tweeting About His Cute Socks By CROWDED TEETH, Let's Discuss

Twitter fashion tips from Oklahoma rock stars. I love technology.
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November 10, 2011
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One of Ms. Emily McCombs best heartthrobs, the Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne, begged my attention on Twitter yesterday by 1) mentioning socks and 2) implying they were of a special and exciting nature by using six of his 140 possible characters for exclamation points.


Alright, besides being total paydirt for you men-with-painted-nails/calf-and-foot/festival bracelet fetishists, this is a real kawaii shopportunity! Language: I abuse it.

Let's investigate the creator of this striped cat-giraffe rockstar-bait.

Click over to @monstromo and you will find one Michelle Romo of Los Angeles and a link for the Crowded Teeth website.

The landing page welcomes you to a magical universe AND tells you you're great. This is why I work three jobs; to thank kind souls like this with cold hard cash. Mushrooms atop a letter "T" will get you everywhere. And I'm ready to move in to that first "A."

When you find your way into the "shop," there are two sites you are ultimately referred to, www.loungefly.com and www.japanla.com, both equally fantastic, but loungefly seems to be having a big blow-out sale on a lot of must-grab Crowded Teeth stuff. For example, these non-cat/giraffe Donut Man socks marked down to $8.00 from $15.00:

And this Crowded Teeth Owl Necklace, also only $8.00 (was $20, a bahhhhgain):

So thanks, sexy Wayne Coyne. Hit us up for a nail-painting party sometime, we'll listen to your 6-hour song.