OUTFIT OF THE WEEK: The Going-Out Conundrum

I'm DJing tonight and I have no clue what to wear.
Publish date:
July 12, 2015
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Most of the time, I have no trouble getting dressed in the morning. I've whittled down my wardrobe to pieces I love that are professional enough and still express my style, but that's for work. Going out is another story.

Multiple outfit changes are de rigeur, and my brain floods with so many inspirations and themes that I feel like I'm going to explode in a haze of fabric and colour.

This weekend is no different. With my monthly DJ gig coming up tonight, I am stumped. My initial outfit idea was a bust since I can't find the top I'm going to wear (gotta get organized), and I'm in such a funk I can't find inspiration anywhere.

For last month's DJ gig, I went full Marc Bolan with teeny curler rods giving me corkscrew hair, gold glitter on my arms, a gold blazer (!!) over a vintage jumpsuit and snakeskin sandals.

Usually when a "dresser's block" (you know, the sartorial version of writer's block) comes upon me, I head to my Pinterest Style board (let's follow each other!), or look to the fashion sense of others, which brings me to you, cuties.

Nicole forever inspires me with her sewing abilities and makes me want to get off my bum and use my sewing machine again. Her outfit for the 4th fit the theme without me too over the top, and I LOVED IT.

I also loved JenPalmBeach2266's lace-up boots. I've been on the hunt for a killer pair of over-the-knees myself, and this is just furthermore inspiring. I'm sure Stevie Nicks would approve!

What did you wear this week? Where do you look for inspiration when you can't find anything to wear? Who inspires you when you get dressed? Share with me all your secrets, and post photos too (of course!) Have a great weekend, everyone.