OUTFIT OF THE WEEK: Waiting To Wear It

Just let me wear my new shoes already, Mother Nature.
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March 6, 2015
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This week has been full of a lot of false starts, at least where the weather is concerned. Last night was mild enough here that I could walk around town without stomping through slush, cursing the sky, but then I awoke to chilly, below-zero temperatures again. How rude!

And last month when I was in New York, I picked up a fantastic pair of white leather Converse high-tops, but it's been too yuck out to wear them. Eventually though, they're going to look great with a white tee, dark denim and a moto jacket. Soon enough, my friends, soon enough.

Is there anything you're dying to wear but can't because of the current weather situation? Tell me about it. Pictures are highly encouraged!

Last week, amidst chatter of #TheDress (oh, how long ago that seems), you guys shared your charming outfit photos with me and I was inspired as usual.

RinnyLush and her boyfriend both won us over with their sharp, date-night dressing. If there's anything better than a stylish person, it's a stylish couple. Too cute, the both of ya!

Curvily NYC also brightened up my day with her pretty sky blue coat from Boohoo (on sale!) over a sleek neutral-toned ensemble.

  • How have you guys been dealing with the indecisive weather?
  • Are you continuing to keep it "[100 emoji here]"? (Did I do that right? I don't get slang!)

Share your outfit photos in the comments please and thank ya!