Unexpected Great Moments In Fashion: The Fashion Club's "Fashion Dont's" Party

Daria is like a gift that keeps on giving.
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August 29, 2011
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I'm currently deep in a marathon of "Daria" episodes since I managed to snag the complete collection of DVDs for 30 bucks at Best Buy last week.

I was totally obsessed with it when I was young and I'm super stoked that it's still as funny as I remember, maybe even more. In this episode Quinn (with the orange hair) and her "Fashion Club" friends are attending a "fashion dont's" party, except of course the outfits are kinda major?

I always thought these girls' outfits were totally boring, especially considering their role at Lawndale High, but I guess it makes sense then that their purposefully bad outfits are actually cool.

Tiffany, 2nd one from left, in her long-sleeved sheer shirt worn with contrasting bra underneath, long jangle necklace, short skirt, ripped tights and boots captures the 90's cool vibez so well it hurts. I remember Sarah McLachlan was a really big fan of this look.

Quinn is decked out in Daria's classic uniform, so of course she looks awesome; but it's Sandi, far right, that makes the biggest statement in her super cool goth girl outfit. A fishnet top worn under a tank top, black maxi skirt and perfectly pointy buckled boots? I wanna wear that same outfit and listen to Nine Inch Nails.

Any other cartoons serve as fashion inspiration for you? And I hope someone says Aeon Flux and provides pictures.