OUTFIT OF THE WEEK: Hooked On T-Shirts

If obsessively buying vintage tees is wrong then I don't wanna be right.
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May 15, 2015
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Everybody has their "thing", that one fashion white whale that they're searching for to forever complete their wardrobe. For me, that thing is the perfect vintage t-shirt, and no one shirt will ever fill the void, and so my search is basically eternal.

I love each new addition equally though, and my most recent acquisition is no exception. This 1970s-era "I Helped Hollywood" tee (from Out Of The Mystic on Etsy) is right up my alley with its retro font and illustrations of palm trees and stars is just too good, and like any ideal old t-shirt, it's incredibly soft and fits like a glove. I don't really know what the "I Helped Hollywood" message is supposed to mean, nor do I think I've ever helped Hollywood, but when a shirt looks this great, who cares?

Have you guys found any amazing vintage shirts? And if so, uh, wanna sell them to me? Or you know, just share photos in the comments.

To give you a little inspiration (and sticking with the retro theme), I've got two fabulous outfits that you guys shared with me last week.

First up is Meowzeltov Cocktail, whose capris ended up fitting her petite frame a little more like standard trousers -- however, I think we can all agree they still look fantastic.

Then there was blonde beauty/xo-contributor Kara in the most gorgeous 1930s gown. It's making me die a tiny bit.

Ah, those outfits were such a breath of fresh air, no? I'm all ready to see what you wore this week, so get posting those snaps, ya hear?xoHannah