There is nothing I love more than dressing the exact opposite of what the seasons and the fashion mags decree.
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May 21, 2013
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Have you heard? Spring has sprung! Flirty florals, hot neons and pretty pastels are in! It's time for delicate sandals, perfect pedicures and fresh, light glossy lip colors.

Except WHO CARES about any of that junk? There isn't much I love more than to dress the exact opposite of what one would consider "appropriate" for this time of year. My style icon for summer 2013 is the one and only Wednesday Addams of "The Addams Family" fame.

I thought I was alone in my quest to dress like a creepy little girl until I saw our Miss McCombs rocking the same damn ASOS dress I had just ordered for myself:

Emily is wearing hers casually on a Tuesday in May, while I bought mine specifically to wear to the Adult Swim Upfronts party I attended last week in NYC -- ya know, the one Kanye West performed at?

Nobody I was with thought his set was any good, but I kind of love ol' Kanye and his ranting about not being being a celebrity. I never liked his lady, Kim K. in any way until the press started being insanely evil to her, calling her fat every which way to Sunday while she is pregnant. It's just so gross that now I am sort of on her side. My mom would call this "being hoisted on your own petard," as Kim's whole existence has been based on being a hot babe with a great ass, but when a feminist icon like Gloria Steinem comes to Kim's defense, you know it's gone too far.

I think the Wednesday style dress is a total classic, adorable and appropriate anywhere, any time of year and in any fabric. I got dozens of compliments on mine -- it was a total hit. Some fools did accuse me of dressing like a pilgrim, but I just casually and thoughtfully asked them, "Pugsley, the baby weighs ten pounds and the cannonball weighs twenty pounds. Which will hit the stone walkway first?"

If none of these dresses suits you, your size, or your wallet, the same look can be accomplished by layering a collared white blouse underneath a black top or dress you already own. But a great adaption of the look for summer is to wear your existing black garment with a dickey! A dickey is a clever 19th century invention that cut down on the need to launder an entire garment -- but they are also useful to cut down on bulk while still getting the layered look. CeCe Toppings has some ridiculously cute ones perfect for light summer wearing.

I wore some random shoes I had laying around with my dress, but the shoe that would have knocked this look out of the park would be a pair of John Fluevog's "Munsters" shoes, recently re-issued as part of his 40th anniversary celebration.

If this shoe looks familiar to you, it should -- this was the shoe that the divine Lady Miss Kier of Deee-Lite made famous back in the 90s. I traipsed all the way up to the Mulberry Street store while I was in NYC, planning to treat myself to a pair. Can you believe they were SOLD OUT of them??? As if one needed any more proof that the 90s are back, BIG TIME.

I decided to top off my 90s/Wednesday homage look with some false eyelashes and a heaping helping of MAC's Diva lipstick. I was the most religious wearer of deep, dark, burgundy lipstick in the 90s -- but I wasn't even sure if they still carried it!

Lo and behold, they do. My other 2 beauty jams in the 90's were MAC's Taupe and Twig lipsticks, both (DUH) in the brown family.

I would never have thought to do the false lashes myself -- but when I popped into the MAC on 5th Avenue, the salesgirl told me that if I bought the lashes from them, she'd apply them for free!

15 minutes and $16.00 later, she had done my eye makeup (lashes, liner, mascara and shadow) and I was on my way to the party. Talk about a cost effective way to get your makeup done -- it's my new deal whenever I have to look presentable for a special event.

I didn't go the extra mile and put my hair in braids to complete the Wednesday Addams look, but I know someone who did:

"I'm a homicidal maniac, they look just like everyone else!" -- Wednesday Addams

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