Unexpectedly Great Moments In Fashion: The "Bitch" Video

Yeah, this is about THAT song by Meredith Brooks.
Publish date:
August 3, 2011
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As far as music goes, Meredith Brooks will always be known for her 1997 hit Bitch which was a totally awesome VH-1-friendly feminist manifesto that I'm sure was a part of drunken sing-alongs across America and possibly the world. A perfect song to sing around the living room table while you and your friends are wearing face masks and drinking homemade margaritas.

But who cares, this isn't about the song but about the awesome outfit she wore throughout most of the video; a short black nightie layered over a long white nightie paired with knee-high lace up boots (and a sparkly guitar!).

I analyzed this outfit every time I saw the video, which was a lot because back then the music channels still played music videos – ooh zing! (but not really) – and every time I went to a department store with my mom I lingered in the lingerie department (haha did I really just write that? you know what, I'm going to leave it) and wished I had the guts to get a couple of nighties and rock my secret dream look.

How have I come this far without reenacting this look is beyond me, but I guess it's pretty obvious that it is my duty to go to the store and see if I can finally rock this look in real life.

The nightie wasn't the only awesome outfit in the video. I don't know if she had a stylist or not, but this is the kind of top -notch 90s fashion I will always be a fan of.

This all-blue ensemble would have been much more suited my tomboy personality back then, and also I had a pair of blue sneakers that were similar enough to the ones she wears here that I was forever searching for a pair of blue pleather pants. Honestly, I have a vague memory of finding a a blue pair but I have no idea where they are right now, they were kinda flared and had a side zipper.

I wore them with my sneakers and this faux Pucci-print top that cost me like 15 bucks and I wore ALL THE TIME to the point where my friend once asked me "Don't you have any other tops?" but I honestly didn't give a crap about how bitchy that was because I loved that top. I still do have that one. In a dream world, I would recreate this outfit with these sick blue leather pants from Acne's fall collection, but I guess mostly I just hope to come across a pair on Ebay (yes, I continually search for these along with pleather a-line skirts).

Is it weird that so many of my fashion inspirations are music-video related even though I was super into fashion magazines already back then? Something to ponder.