Unexpected Fashion Icon: Ms. Frizzle From "The Magic Schoolbus" Series

God, I love an eccentric science teacher.

Every time I buy a big, silly piece of jewelry -- which is always -- I think of Ms. Frizzle from "The Magic Schoolbus" children's book series. I don't have particularly strong memories of the books themselves, but those earrings! Those printed dresses! That lust for life! They are seared into my memory and have most certainly influenced the way I dress today.

In each book, "The Friz" takes her class on some scientific adventure, and her impressive array of statement earrings glow to indicate the impending odyssey. Naturally, her outfit always matches the journey.

Purple knee socks with red hiking boots? Swoon.

Mushroom earrings? Nice subversive message, authors.

Duh -- the only thing you could possibly wear for dinosaur time travel.

Gah! Galaxy earrings!

While normally I discourage anything too matchy-matchy, the etoile earrings and pumps are really working for her.

Dentures and cheese?...I give up. But isn't she fabulous?

One of my more Ms. Frizzle-y necklaces.

The starfish earrings I'd wear on a deep sea adventure, of course.

I think it's just a matter of time before The Friz inspires some designer's spring collection. Which book or film characters from childhood have inspired your grown-up style?