I Sent My Busted Jeans to Denim Therapy (Instead of Going to Therapy Myself)

Thanks for saving my life and all, DOCTORS, but would it have killed you to show my jeans the same courtesy?
Publish date:
November 14, 2012

It’s no secret that I’m infatuated with the most random shit, especially in the fashion and beauty world. But my biggest and most unchanging obsession of all is DENIM! Denim is timeless, versatile and durable. When I’m out there living hard, I don’t want to have to worry about damaging or ruining my clothes, and with a solid pair of jeans, I never have to. Related: Put me in a body bag before you put me in khakis!

A good pair of jeans can take a real beating. After a couple of years, they can wear in so well that they feel as good as a pair of sweatpants (not that I’d know, I don’t think I’ve ever actually worn a pair of sweatpants). But there always comes a time when the holes get so bad that you’re forced to throw them out. Nothing is more heartbreaking than saying goodbye to a pair of jeans that have seen you through so much.

But HOLD UP. Denim Therapy can take even the most destroyed pair of jeans and reconstruct them so they look great and are wearable once again. (Denim Therapy, can you even handle that name? The jokes write themselves.)

Denim Therapy is not a patch. Instead they genuinely rebuild the denim using new thread in the damaged area. You simply send them your jeans indicating which parts you want repaired, they quote you a price for your approval, and your jeans show up on your doorstep two to three weeks later. Hello, easy.

How do I know? Remember when I knocked myself unconscious?

Well, I was wearing my beloved jeans when it happened. Two days later, I was finally getting ready to leave the hospital and what did I find? I was putting my jeans back on when I realized that the doctors had CUT MY JEANS OFF OF ME when I made my grand entrance in the emergency room. They had cut from each leg cuff to halfway up to the knee. I was heartbroken.

The perfect jeans that I had spent so much time wearing were now garbage. Thanks for saving my life and all, DOCTORS, but would it have killed you to show my jeans the same courtesy? How hard could it possibly be to get a pair of jeans off of me? NO ONE ELSE HAS EVER HAD ANY TROUBLE.

I honestly thought Denim Therapy would take one look at them and refuse to work with them; they were so damaged that they were unwearable. But I had to try! I figured I had nothing to lose

What made this pair of jeans so special is that it was my first pair of raw denim. Raw denim has not been washed, treated or artificially faded in any way. When you first start to wear them, they’re the stiffest, most rigid and uncomfortable things ever. After a while, they start to relax and conform to your body, fading beautifully in all the right places.

For a lot of people, a new pair of jeans is like a new car. They invest the money in the jeans that look best when they’re new and then lose value over time. With raw denim, the investment is not in the money, but in the time. The longer you wear them, the better they look. You will never, ever look better than you will in a pair of jeans that has faded especially to you.

Downside: You can’t wash them on the regular because it deters the fading process. When I bought my first pair, the guys selling them to me told me that I had to go as long as I could without washing them. No sweat, I thought, what would that be? Two weeks? Four or five wears?

Then they told me: “Wear them every day for at least six months before you wash them.”

SIX MONTHS? Do you know what goes on in these jeans?

Well, I ended up actually going a little longer than that. I know that sounds gross but whatever, it’s fashion.


Anyway, here’s the before and after, showing how Denim Therapy resurrected my favorite pair of jeans.

And here’s the back side, haaay.

Best of all, Denim Therapy only costs $7 per inch. To me, spending a little money to have your favorite pair of jeans last you another couple of years is totally worth it. Do you agree? I realize that some people just, you know, buy new clothes. Maybe having my favorite jeans cut off of my body was supposed to be a lesson in moving on. BUT I SUPPOSE WE’LL NEVER KNOW BECAUSE MY JEANS ARE BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER, BABES.

I am just sooo happy. So, do you love it? Are you into raw denim? Would you go six months without washing your jeans? I’m sure the answer is no, so bring the hate. What are some weird things you’ve done in the name of fashion? I’d make a list, but it would be six miles long.

Tynan and his jeans are whole again @TynanBuck.