Double Finger Rings Are Double-y Awesome

Because everyone loves a two-for-the-price-of-one deal!
Publish date:
July 21, 2011
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I learned about multiple-finger rings at one of my last jobs where the hottest item was two- and three-finger rings by Surface to Air. The phone was constantly ringing from people wanting to buy this ring, and I think at some point we even had a waiting list. Totally crazy, right? Anyways, the trend has really taken off and although I admit that I can't really wear them because I find they constrict my finger movement, I still think they are totally cool and I keep trying them on thinking "this time it's gonna be different!" Newsflash! It never is. But if you don't have claustrophobia of the fingers like I do, then these are some really rad options for you to get your doublemintring fun.

Beyond Rings Tortoise and Hare Ring $34, Bluefly

The cool thing about rings like these is that they can really tell a story, sometimes literally, like with this Tortoise and Hare ring which I find almost too cute for words. And I don't even like cute!

Double Finger Bicycle Ring $13.79, ASOS

They also provide more space for awesome representations of things you love, like bikes! I bet you though that there has not been a unicycle ring ever, even with all the years we've had to make the "one wheel! one ring!" connection.

PS. Did you know that All-terrain Unicycling is a thing? It is. You always learn something new on xoJane!

Bunch O' Bunnies Ring $4.99, Fred Flare

I'm especially into the new development in multi-finger rings that puts the "top" part right in between your fingers so it looks like things are floating in the midst of your hands. Always down for a bit of magic and I L L U S I O N !

ABS Oval and Square Double Ring $75, Max and Chloe

This ring by ABS is the one that's really making me wish I wasn't so weird about my fingers because it's 10 kinds of rad. I love a big chunky stone ring and usually it's hard to get two of them to sit side by side comfortably, but with this one the problem is solved! Imagine it worn over opera-length gloves and accessorized with a cigarette holder (ok, smoking's bad, don't do it!). It's so glamorous and I want to live the glamorous life.